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Featured Articles - Fall 2020

Letter from our Directors

Dear Friends,

Know that all of us here at Camp have been thinking about our extended Camp family as you confront the pandemic at home, school, work, and within your communities. READ MORE …

Update on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts

Over the past five months, we have taken steps to make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) a more central focus of our efforts for growth and change at Camp, with an emphasis on addressing racial equity at this time. READ MORE …

Summer 2020 – Bringing Camp Home

When we announced the closure of Camp for summer 2020 back in April, our team had to quickly shift focus onto how to bring the Dudley and Kiniya experience to our faithful campers at home. It was no simple task, however, we were thrilled with the content we were able to provide on a weekly basis to our new Camper Corner Page, a hub that would offer 6-weeks of programming covering our four pillars at Camp.

Some of our best feedback from campers and parents alike came from our work in the Spiritual Program. With the help of our Leaders, Staff, and alumni, we were able to recreate the summer Spiritual experience online — and it really was remarkable.

Check out our first-week Spiritual Program highlights HERE, and be sure to click week by week on the Camper Corner hub to SEE MORE!

2020 Virtual CDA Reunion Recap

Safely gathering to do anything related to camp has simply not been possible in 2020!  Not wanting to totally forego the annual gathering of camp alumni and friends, CDA President, Kari McKinley, and Vice President, Matt McElroy were able to work together to create and share a first-ever virtual CDA Reunion including the 2020 People of the Year presentation, and 50 and 75-year pin recipients. Please enjoy the 2020 CDA Virtual Reunion here.

Remaining Strong!

Throughout 2020, we have seen significant challenges to all aspects of the Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya operations. Two timelines coincided; that of the Pandemic as it gained momentum, and that of our annual community invitation to financially support our Annual Fund and Scholarship programs. As a result, our focus shifted to staying safe and strong in the face of a health crisis not seen in over 100 years. We thought we would share some of the details of the steps we are taking to stay strong. READ MORE …

Over the River and Through the Woods, Off on a Hike, We Go!

The unprecedented summer of 2020 offered the year-round teams at Dudley and Kiniya a chance to spend some time on the backcountry trails of NY and VT used by our campers each summer. READ MORE …

Admissions Update

Enrollment for the summer of 2021 is officially open! We’re excited to be thinking about the summer ahead and though there is still much for us to work through we wanted to share our plans as they stand right now. READ MORE …

The Origin of the Dudley Prayer

Some things seem to take on a life of their own with the traditions that our Camps hold so dear. Such is the case with “The Dudley Prayer.” READ MORE …

New Dudley & Kiniya Micro-Internships

This fall, Dudley and Kiniya launched a new micro-internship program with two goals in mind: 1. Create opportunities for our Leaders to build valuable career experience 2. Make progress on strategically important projects for our Camps. Basically, it’s a chance for Leaders to get a solid resume builder while also helping Camp! READ MORE …

Dudley Leadership Mentors

We’ve heard quite a bit over the past few months about the desire for our Aides, JLs, and ALs to be able to spend time together and get more of that authentic Dudley time in their lives. In addition, one of our big takeaways from the summer of 2020 is that we have the capacity to be able to do a lot more virtual “off-season” training for our young leaders.  READ MORE …

A Dudley Doing’s, “Do It Again”

No summer would be complete without the Dudley Doings.  Since 1905, the Dudley Doings have chronicled the actions and happenings (in both fact and fiction) of the Camp season. Under the leadership of #16321 Dan Lipin, an extremely talented group of campers and alumni DD editors created a magnificent digital Dudley Doings for summer 2020.  Its wide-ranging content will both entertain and inform. 

Some Featured Content:

  • Yohas, Nohas, Hahas
  • Women of Dudley: Meet some of the women who have worked at Dudley
  • Puzzles Galore by many authors
  • And so much more!


Parent Support

The Parent Support section of our monthly “The Other Fellow First news” was created this summer to bring Camp inspired approaches, thoughts and traditions to our parents and caregivers at home. 

We recognize the incredible effort that it takes to raise kids, and especially in these times. Living through a pandemic as well as social and economic upheaval demands much patience. Our collective focus on work and home and school and sports (if happening) require so much energy and perseverance. We hope you are finding moments of gratitude, peace, and even delight amidst these days.

Camp aims to be guided by our mission, motto, values, and knowledge of youth development in everything we do. This desire to create an environment, experiences, and relationships that bolster kids through their lives extends to our camp parents and families as well. We hope that you found these narratives to be supportive and thought-provoking and aim to continue these outreach efforts in the coming months. READ PARENT SUPPORT …

Remembering Greg Farrell

On May 29, 2020, the Camp community lost a long time friend with the passing of #9106 Greg Farrell. Greg lived a remarkable life that was characterized by demonstrating “The Other Fellow First” in all that he did. READ MORE …








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"Thank you, Camp Dudley"

Can you believe it? My boy is in college! You guys first got him when he was 10 and now he’s 18! I remember dropping him off at Camp Dudley eight years ago, absolutely loving the camp grounds and how friendly and welcoming you all were! READ MORE …

Community at these two camps ...

The sense of community at these two camps and the ways that Camp Dudley and Kiniya leadership has helped to shape the values and beliefs of our three kids is a gift we will always cherish. Thank you Sumner Dudley and Helen Van Buren! READ MORE …

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