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Leadership at Dudley

Leadership at Camp Dudley

At Camp Dudley, our program is centered around our Core Values. As one of those core values, leadership is a primary focus at all levels from Camper to Staff.

We value the development of leadership skills, inspiring those around us to take an active interest in the development and needs of those in our community, while sharing a passion for learning and teaching.

Our campers are given opportunities to lead within their cabins, on their teams, and at activities. This can look like jumping at the opportunity to include and welcome a new camper on opening day, to suggesting a new tradition or activity, to taking ownership for a mistake. Our campers are taught and encouraged to live the motto, “The Other Fellow First’. This includes knowing when to put oneself first, and the discernment to make this choice.

Leaders and staff notice and praise campers practicing leadership in their unique ways while with us. Additionally, Campers receive direct feedback from their Leaders at one-on-one discussions held weekly. The experience of a dialogue, both to get and give feedback, is important to us as a community.

Dudley is a place for high school students to gain meaningful leadership experience. With the support of trained Leaders and staff, we offer this age group the opportunity to practice leading both on and off campus.

On campus, our young Leaders learn by doing. They live in cabins with campers and, as a team, guide their cabin through the session together. We ask our Leaders to be good communicators, creative, adaptable, safety conscious, open to feedback, and so much more! Camp is the perfect place to develop as and individual, through fun and challenge, and bring those personal skills out into the world! The ability to make mistakes, grow tremendously, and learn first hand one’s own resilience is key.

• Leaders At least one per cabin, 18 or older, with prior experience living in a cabin, helping to lead activities

• Assistant Leader or Junior Leader At least one per cabin, 16-17 years old, helping to lead activities

• Aide Up to one per cabin, 15 years old, living in Cub, Plebe, or Junior cabins and participating in activities with Seniors

• Off campus, our partnerships with the National Outdoor Leadership School, NOLS, and with exchange programs at camps in Germany and Spain, provide the opportunity to learn through new experiences and challenges.

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