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Camp Videos

We have put together a series of short videos to give you a taste of the Camp Dudley & Kiniya Experience. We are incredibly proud of our Camp program and the facilities that are available to our Campers and Staff each and every summer. Enjoy!

See our Camp YouTube channel here.
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Welcome to Camp Dudley
Welcome to Camp Kiniya
What’s your camp #?
Camp Kiniya Athletics
Out on Lake Champlain Dudley
Camp Dudley Facilities
Camp Kiniya Facilities
What’s Opening Day Like?
Spirituality at Dudley & Kiniya
Outdoors at Dudley & Kiniya
Out on Lake Champlain Kiniya
Camp Dudley Testimonials
Camp Kiniya Testimonials
Camp Dudley Athletics
Arts at Dudley & Kiniya
Packing for Kiniya
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