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Alumni Hub

Welcome to the Alumni Hub!

Kari McKinley, CDA President
Burlington, VT

Matt McElroy, Vice President
Washington, DC

The Board of Trustees provide oversight to both Camp Dudley in New York and Camp Kiniya in Vermont. If you have interest in serving on our Board of Trustees, please send an email request for information to info@campdudley.org.

View our current Board Members here.

Camp Dudley

Every August – one week after the close of camp – alumni and their families gather on the Dudley campus for a weekend of fun and friendship. This summer, space is limited and all attendees must be vaccinated (those who are 12+)

Camp Dudley

Camp Kiniya

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We are working on getting as many of our Alumni back in the fold as possible. Please help us by filling out the form below and we look forward to re-connecting with you.

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While we tend to be completely full each summer, we rely heavily on the word of mouth of our current camper families and loyal alums. Please think about who you know that would be a wonderful addition to the Camp family and send us their information here. We’ll reach out to them and invite them to consider our Camps.

Every Last Whistle and Spirit are all online … yes, your read that correctly. Enjoy!

The Last Whistle
The Spirit

IT’S DD DAY!!! The legendary #16321 Dan Lipin has put together an amazing digital version of the Dudley Doings (a first in the over 100 year history of this esteemed publication). Thanks to everyone who contributed their time and creativity. It’s makes a great read in your bunk at rest period or during a down moment at your desk in the office. Enjoy!

Alumni Spotlight

CDA Reunion Recap

The following remarks were written by CDA Vice President, Kari McKinley

The Dudley infirmary will never be the same. This summer concludes thirty incredible years during which Camp was kept safe and well nurtured by our dear Sheila Kapper. I had the privilege of helping honor this amazing woman and nurse during the Person of the Year celebration at the CDA reunion in late August. There is no shortage of material or stories to be found when trying to find the words and ways to show our appreciation and respect for her. As you can see from the side bar on this page, the love for our dear Camp Mom runs deep.

As I recalled at reunion, Sheila has been a big presence in my life. From my thirteen years at Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School, where Sheila spent her fall, spring, and winters “off” to collaborating during my summers at the Hike Hut to helping me heal from a number of ailments, including the time her son, Devin, and I used our heads to cushion the blow for an aluminum canoe that slipped while we were unloading a boat trailer in a downpour (no safety there!), she has always been there to support, teach, and comfort me.

Most importantly, she was an inspiration for me on my path towards my nursing career. My initial impression of being the Camp Nurse was that it was a glamorous and vacation-like way to spend the summers. However, as I spent a couple of years at the Kiniya infirmary, I came to the realization that it’s far from a lunch role. Sheila is a force to be reckoned with—her strong skills, efficiency, wonderful sense of humor, and calm energy make a busy, exhausting, sometimes heartbreaking job look laid back and easy.

Her tireless service to Camp is the ultimate example of living The Other Fellow First. We have been so blessed. And we cannot forget to thank and appreciate her family, #17537 Fred, #19537 Luke and #15905 Devin, for their generosity and selflessness in sharing their wife and mother with the Camp community for so many years. Sheila, we promise no more 2AM calls to Cabin 7. Enjoy the peace and quiet, you deserve it!

CDA Reunion Recap 2019

CDA Reunion 2019 Recap

Reunion weekend was a huge success this year with a fun-loving group of alumni and their families. There were a number of monumental celebrations. Friday night, an inaugural Lifetime Service Award was presented to and will be named in perpetuity of #8804 John and #18204 Martha Storey for the outstanding service they’ve provided to Camp and their community over the years.

Saturday morning was started with a fun run on the Dudley Road and a yoga session on the Middlebury Pavilion. The 25th Memorial George Nelson golf tournament was kicked off early in the day. Hiking, climbing, swimming, boating, archery, tennis, and the Giant Swing were enjoyed by many. During the afternoon there was a free throw tournament honoring the new Ben Nelson Basketball courts and following that was a sweat-soaked, heckle spattered, flip flop running competitive 5-on-5 game of hoops to give the court and #8070 Ben some love and laughter. Saturday night began with the announcement of reaching and then surpassing the Building for the Future Capital Campaign goal of $10 million dollars this summer— thank you to all who contributed! And kudos to the year-round teams at Dudley and Kiniya for the outstanding work they did in helping to accomplish this huge goal. There was also recognition of three notable employees whose last summer has just past: #9675 Dave “Westy” West, #14962 Josh Olcott, and the one and only #15305 Sheila Kapper. Sheila was also awarded the Person of the Year Award for her 30 years of tireless service to the Dudley community and the local school system. Witherbee was filled with fantastic energy and fun memories to honor Sheila, who we still can’t imagine Dudley without! A spirited Hymn Sing followed and was led by #14866 James Mayo.

Sunday, to complete a great weekend, #7381 Paul Lutz gave a beautiful Chapel service on stoking the Dudley fire within yourself.

Low Number Event

What began as a small backyard party several years ago has now become one of the hottest tickets during the CDA Reunion. The Low Number Gathering opens the Reunion late on Friday afternoon as our seasoned alumni gather for fellowship and food. The excitement of being together again with old friends, and occasionally a younger one, makes the air buzz. Take a look at the smiling faces and you’ll get the idea. While usually void of speeches and presentations, this year’s Low Number Event was interrupted briefly as Board Chair, #22898 Whitney Phelps, presented the first Lifetime Service Award to #8804 John and #18204 Martha Storey.