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Persistence, resilience, overcoming adversity; All things that come from stormy, rainy days at our Camps. In 2020, a year without tuition, your gift to the Camp Dudley Annual Fund provides flexible funding that fuels our mission under these difficult circumstances. Make your gift now 

Dear Camp Family,

Every camper who has ever attended Dudley or Kiniya knows what it means to shift to the Rainy Day schedule. They often get an extra hour of sleep without ever knowing it. Their sneakers get squishy on the way to breakfast. Their rain gear doesn’t seem to be as “waterproof” as they expected. But then they have some really zany indoor activity unless they get to play outside in the rain. Sure there are some things you can’t do, but most will admit some of our best and most creative fun comes from the Rainy Day Schedule. Did someone say Karaoke in Witherbee or Bingo in Beckman at Dudley? Maybe a Dance Party or the Mostest Game at Kiniya?

Many alumni have been on that canoe trip or hike where it has rained for the entire time. They remember slogging through the mud to get to the lean-to. The trench around their tent was not nearly adequate to keep the runoff on the outside. They recollect how hard it was to cook when everything was soaking wet. They may have been disappointed because they couldn’t get that view from the top they were promised. But deep down the feeling of accomplishment begins to sneak through as they realize how they persevered. What they accomplished was so much more. Persistence, resilience, overcoming adversity: These lessons often come from the hardest and most uncomfortable of times. Campers are challenged to get through and find the silver lining.

Today our Camps are challenged as never before. For the safety of our communities, we have suspended our regular summer of fellowship and fun. With that critical decision comes extraordinary belt-tightening and the application of our rainy day reserves. We are required, more than ever, to use creativity and imagination to maintain continuity in our year-round operations, provide innovative programming to our community, and visualize an even stronger organization in the future.

In the past, our community has been extremely generous in tough times. In the past 25 years, urgent action was needed to save the Avery Boathouse, repair extensive beach erosion and flood damage at both Kiniya and Dudley. But never has it been necessary to suspend camping operations for the safety of our communities.

With the full support of our Board of Trustees who met last weekend, the Annual Fund has been expanded to support Leadership Grants to be awarded to all 2020 U.S. college-aged Leaders and Staff who lost their summer jobs with us. Your support will also help provide engagement activities for our 2020 Campers that will give them a “taste of Camp” and assure that we’ll be prepared for our 2021 Campers. In 2020, a year without tuition, your gift to the Camp Dudley Annual Fund provides flexible funding that fuels our mission in these difficult circumstances. It is our most needed gift!

Giving is fast and easy. You choose the way that works best for you.

While not every rainy day ends with a rainbow, they all do pass and often clouds give way to crystal clear skies. Your gift will help us build the bridge to brighter days and return stronger than ever in 2021.

Thank you,

Matt #13804
Camp Director, Dudley

Marnie #20001
Director, Camp Kiniya

P.S. Thank you to those who have already given. We understand that not everyone may be able to consider a gift at this time.


By following us on our various social media platforms you’ll be able to stay up to date with current information and the release of digital content this summer. Please also make sure that we have your current contact information.


There are several different ways that you can help support Dudley & Kiniya by staying close to home…

  • Volunteer with one of our community partners in your area.
  • Sign up to host or help organize a Dudley & Kiniya Field Day in your community, if local guidelines permit.
  • Organize Dudley & Kiniya folks in your area around a community service project.


We are still exploring options for potential small scale programming on our campuses this summer. Once we have more guidance on what might be available then we’ll update our community. So, again, make sure that we have your current contact information!


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It is simple, on your first visit to smile.amazon.com; you need to select a Camp Dudley, Inc. to receive donations before you begin shopping. Amazon will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make through AmazonSmile will result in a donation.

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