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Over the River and Through the Woods, Off on a Hike We Go!

The unprecedented summer of 2020 offered the year-round teams at Dudley and Kiniya a chance to spend some time on the backcountry trails of NY and VT used by our campers each summer. 

Several things were accomplished at once by this venture, including allowing us to:

  • Update “institutional knowledge” of the trails and hiking areas used by campers each summer.
  • Explore new hiking areas that would be good for trips as more folks head outdoors to hike and camp and the need to maintain space and distance carries forward.
  • Consider a variety of programming possibilities to keep trips and outdoor experiences safe and fun in a post-Covid world.
  • Connect as a team by unplugging, being active, and enjoying the outdoors in a socially distanced way.

Hikes followed many long-established routes that Campers may have been walking since the start of Camp. Overuse of ADK and Green Mountain trails is a major problem, and it was important to explore new, less-traveled places, looking for challenging opportunities and incredible scenery. 

By the time the summer and fall hiking season were over, more than thirty peaks had been summited between our two teams. Most importantly, we found many options for keeping the Outdoors Pillar strong and reaffirmed the power of lessons learned from time in the mountains. 

Enjoy the photos that our teams took along the trails. Perhaps you recognize a staff member or a spot or two? And please don’t be shy about contacting Camp for a hike recommendation next time you travel this way!

List of Hikes accomplished by Dudley Team

  • Hurricane from the Crows 
  • Pete’s Pinnacle from Stacy Brook
  • Giant’s Washbowl & Nubble
  • Snow Mountain
  • Poke-O-Moonshine
  • Round Mountain
  • Hopkins Mountain
  • Hedgehog
  • Rooster Comb
  • Blueberry Cobble & Bald Peak
  • Noonmark
  • Owl head Lookout
  • Blueberry Mountain from Marcy Field
  • Iron Mountain
  • Jay Mountain

List of Hikes accomplished by Kiniya Team

  • Camels Hump via Monroe Trail 
  • Mt. Mansfield “the Forehead” via Butler Lodge Trail & Long Trail
  • Stark’s Nest from Lincoln Gap on Long Trail
  • Mt Abe via Long Trail (2xs)
  • Lamoille Paddle
  • Burnt Mt.
  • Devil’s Gulch via Long Trail
  • Prospect Rock via Long Trail
  • Jay Peak via Long Trail
  • Snake Mountain (in a “hurricane”)
  • Whiteface Mt via Beaver Meadow trail
  • Sterling Pond via Smugglers Notch 
  • Mt. Ellen via Jerusalem Trail 
  • Hunger Mt. via Waterbury Trail





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