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New Dudley and Kiniya Micro-Internships

This fall, Dudley and Kiniya launched a new micro-internship program with two goals in mind: 1. Create opportunities for our Leaders to build valuable career experience 2. Make progress on strategically important projects for our Camps. Basically, it’s a chance for Leaders to get a solid resume builder while also helping Camp! 

In addition, as we’ve all learned over these past few months, this type of work doesn’t have to be done on campus. So it’s easier than ever to tap into the substantial talents of the young people who are also Leaders in the summer.

Our year-round team brainstormed some projects that we thought could use a fresh set of eyes, and this led us to some very interesting micro-internship opportunities…

  • Leadership Development: interns #23296 Emily Reusswig & #21129 Will Bass
  • Program Development: interns #20898 Mia Lambo & #22105 Ned McCann
  • Historical Research of Alumni of Color: interns #22105 Ned McCann & #21216 Matt Minford
  • Donor Communications: intern #22102 Oliver Lawrence
  • Historical Camp Data: interns #22719 Sydney Zoehrer, #23010 August Theoharides, & #22050 Colin Cianciolo
  • Campus Mapping: intern #22739 Bernard Godolphin
  • Camp Spirituality Program: intern #21216 Matt Minford

Over the past month, our interns have been meeting regularly with one of our staff members to work on each of the projects, which will have a specific deliverable by the end of the year. These projects will certainly lead to other great ideas and our hope will be to do another round of Dudley and Kiniya micro-internships from January through March.

The Dudley & Kiniya Micro-Internship Program is also available to alumni looking for help on projects in their own organizations. By hosting a micro-internship for a Dudley or Kiniya Leader you’re making it possible for someone to have the Dudley & Kiniya leadership experience without having to sacrifice valuable career development and resume building. For more information please contact our Leadership Development Director, Evan George.

Thank you Camp Kiniya

Thank you so much for a fantastic camp summer for my girls! We finally got Madeleine there! She had the best summer, made tons of friends, and the first thing she told me that she can’t wait for next year … READ MORE

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