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A Dudley Doing’s, “Do It Again”

No summer would be complete without the Dudley Doings.  Since 1905, the Dudley Doings have chronicled the actions and happenings (in both fact and fiction) of the Camp season.  Given that we had a remarkable series of activities in the Camper Corners of both Dudley and Kiniya, it only seemed right that the DD should be written for summer 2020.  Under the leadership of #16321 Dan Lipin, an extremely talented group of campers and alumni DD editors created a magnificent digital Dudley Doings for summer 2020.  Its wide-ranging content will both entertain and inform.

Some Featured Content:

  • Yohas, Nohas, Hahas
  • Women of Dudley: Meet some of the women who have worked at Dudley
  • The Bear by #25186 Raj Nelson
  • A Week Without Camp by #20764 Endie Perry
  • The Dudley Music Challenge by #14866 James Mayo
  • Bring It In – The Original Story by #15093 C. Ryan Joyce
  • Puzzles Galore by many authors
  • From the Tip of North Point by #10875 Steve Schmidt
  • The Great Outdoors by various authors
  • Dudley Project: Leadership Hunt by #16321 Dan Lipin

With so many choices you may ask, “What is our best recommendation?”

Our answer: “Sit down and read it, or reread it, from cover-to-cover but allow a couple of rest periods to get through all the great content in the 28-page special edition below!”

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