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CDA Virtual Reunion 2020

Dear Dudley and Kiniya Alumni, 

What we wouldn’t give for a Saturday night in Witherbee Hall and a couple (like 10) Nelson Michigan’s! So disappointing that we are sending this email rather than standing in front of you at the CDA reunion! However, we are so proud of the tough and wise decision made by Matt, Marnie, and the Board of Trustees to not open this summer. No one ever wants to make history in such a negative sense, but we think it will truly go down in history as being an amazing example of The Other Fellow First. 

Typically at reunion we like to highlight some of the events that have occurred at Camp over the year. While the gates were closed, the year-round staff were as busy as ever:

The biggest feat was the Camper Corner which is a collection of weekly online activities that focused on the 4 pillars of camp life, chapel talks, and vespers sent to all campers enrolled for the summer of 2020. Below we offer a few speakers for you to view in lieu of the standard CDA chapel service.

#25963 Monique Jones

#20964 Amanda Perry

#18500 Bill Harper

#22524 Will Napper

In keeping up with the current virtual trends, the year-round team also launched a new website for Camp, which you are currently experiencing … enjoy! Quick scavenger hunt: find the alumni addition of the Dudley Doings! They have done a marvelous job updating the community with the monthly e-newsletter “The Other Fellow First.” Finally, the CD News has gone 100% virtual for 2020 in order to continue delivering this world-class publication on a COVID-tight budget.

They created (and YOU made happen) a very successful “More than a Place” 24-hour fundraising event– thank you, alumni, for your generous contributions!

We are also incredibly grateful for our amazing alumni! This year, more than ever, we have been so impressed and humbled by how strong, giving, and thoughtful you all are. From delivering meals pre-Leaders’ Luncheon, to offering vision and support to Camp’s goal of becoming more inclusive and diverse through participation in the Dudley Kiniya Inclusion Project, to helping renew and strengthen connections with our Community Partners, the investment of alumni in Camp’s mission has been more robust than ever.

Last week we aired our first virtual alumni “Mellowfest”— a huge Yoha to those artists who contributed their music and to the alumni who helped organize the fantastic production!  Luckily, for those who haven’t seen it, we’ve archived the shows for you!

We would love to honor those alumni who would have been receiving a 50 (first year in 1970) or 75-year (first year in 1945!) pin at this year’s CDA reunion. We will present and celebrate these names with the community at next year’s reunion.

Finally, for the presentation of this year’s Person (or in this case People) of the Year Award. We have thought since our alumni continue to give back in so many ways, it was only fitting to continue the inspiring tradition of recognizing the dedication of our own.

50-year pins

#10871 David Aldrich, Huntley VA

#11457 Jeffrey Ardolino, Tampa FL

#10977 Thomas Cammann, Huntington Beach CA

#10974 Regis Canning, Brooklyn NY

#10937 Palen Conway, Saratoga Springs NY

#10898 Chris Diamandis, Las Vegas NV

#10348 Jon Ludwig, Vestal NY

#11003 Mike Marks, East Lyme CT

#10982 Greg McElroy, Potomac MD

#10883 Bob McKeown, Longmeadow MA

#10914 Marsh Merrifield, San Diego CA

#11047 Bill Reading, Charlotte NC

#10932 JR Scanlon, Sarasota FL

#10874 Doug Schmidt ,El Cerrito CA

#10875 Steve Schmidt, Brooklyn NY

#10884 David Soule, Richmond VA

#10994 Tom Wertimer, Mount Vernon NY

75-year pins

#7062 Bob Aldrich, Westport CT

#7075 Jim Caird, Fort Lauderdale FL

#7114 Torrey Foster, Naples FL

#7253 Tom Griffin, Scotsdale AZ

#7147 Bill Hill, North Warren PA

#7120 John Hubbard, Lyndonville VT

#7179 William Lewis, Lady Lake FL

#7131 Tom MacMahon, Naples FL

#7118 James Muller Plano TX

#7211 Stephen Muller, Lancaster MA

#7104 Stephen Murray, Delray Beach FL

#7200 Peter Orvis, St. Augustine FL

#7093 John Peatman, Stone Mountain GA

#7083 Michael Poler, Rowayton CT

#7146 Charles Schubert, Baldwinsville NY

#7119 John Seward, Bloomington IN

#7113 A. C. Woodruff, Oriental NC

#7071 Cary Woodward, Baltimore MD

We look forward to next year when we can welcome you all back to Westport in August 2021!

Friends, please take some time this weekend to reflect on all that Camp means to you and your loved ones. Go for a hike, grease up that watermelon, and sing a loud and proud Dudley and Kiniya cheer. And lastly, don’t forget to reach out to some old pals to check in on them.

Lots of love from us to you!

Kari update

Kari McKinley #19231, CDA President

Matt M

Matt McElroy #17982, CDA Vice President

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