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News and Notes

We’d love to keep the Camp Community informed of your activities, events and adventures!

#7062 Bob Aldrich, Westport, CT, and #7083 Mike Poler, also from Westport, CT, received their 75-year pins in June. Bob (standing) played a critical role in surprising Mike with the pin from Camp. Both Mike and Bob started at Camp as Cubs in 1945!

#7841 Robert Killgore, Key Biscayne, FL, spoke with #13804 Matt Storey and shared the passion that he developed for fishing. Says Robert, “I fell in love with fishing at Dudley after I caught a 24-inch pickerel. I ended up working for 30 plus years for Florida Sportsman Magazine because of my love of fishing.” Robert first attended Camp in 1949.

#8580 Bob Craft, Washington, DC, shared this amazing picture in early October while visiting Lake Champlain. Says Bob, “Two Pots of Gold this evening on Lake Champlain: From Kiniya to Dudley!”

On July 26, 2020, the Short family celebrated #8767 Sandy Short’s, Baltimore, MD, 80th birthday. The affair had a Dudley flavor. Organized by children #15167 Justin, Ashley (Ashley Cabin, Kiniya) and #14167 Joe with help from wife #19067 Patricia, the event featured a surprise family Zoom call along with videos from #11264 Mark “Davo” Davenport, former Board chair #11846 Tom “TC” Canning, #10555 Dave “Fu” Langston, and Camp Kiniya Director, #20001 Marnie McDonagh. There was a serenade from granddaughter #25467 Maddie Short and a family puzzle conceived by granddaughter #25767 Lily Short. During the surprise drive-by parade in front of Sandy and Patricia’s home, former Board chair #12152 “CJ” Johnson, IV joined the celebration, driving all the way from the DC area. Special phone calls came from a third Board chair, #8252 Charlie Johnson, III, and #7881 John Sudduth, a few days before John’s death. On top of all of that, Sandy was presented with a book full of special notes from well-wishers, dozens of which came from members of the Dudley/Kiniya family, too many to enumerate here. Sandy sends special thanks to you all.

#8968 Rick Erdtmann, Washington, DC, reached out to Matt Storey at the start of summer while thinking about the several generations of his family who have been at Camp. “Here is my father #4055 Fred Erdtmann, center first at the bottom. The photo was taken circa 1927.” Editor’s note: the first cabins at Camp did not appear until 1930.

#9272 Mac Thayer, Richmond, VA, (back) #9394 Ward West, Roanoke, VA, (right) and #9411 Whit Rutter, Newport News, VA, (left) wrote that this group of friends vacationed together in February 2020 and were enjoying some golf together. Mac shared that they were approached by five families about the Dudley magnet on their car. Make sure you proudly display yours!

#9979 Scott Bowen, Binghamton, NY, writes that “After 47 years I have retired from teaching Karate which I actually started at Dudley in 1973.” Scott shared details of his karate career, including having won three National Championships and twice receiving an All-American Honor by the National Governing Body for the US Olympic Committee. When he retired he became an official and refereed at the US Team Trials and was asked to referee at the Pan American Games.

#10367 Austin Erwin, London, England, reconnected with Camp in May saying, “Life is good. Despite my advanced years, I’m active in securities (distressed debt). The unfortunate reality is that there will be a substantial amount of distressed debt for some time to come. I am active as a Governor of a state primary school in London in an area that also has a sizable unit for young people with speech and language difficulties. I am also a Trustee of a UK charity for disabled young people and their families. These are challenging times for both schools, even state schools, and charities. I still try to put the other fellow first; it’s helped me through my life. It has never been more important as a philosophy, and way of living life than it is today in the time of coronavirus.”

#11164 John Tredwell, Prescott, AZ was flying to Paris, France, in June 2020 (John is a pilot for American Airlines). His flight plan took him almost directly over Camp. John was able to grab this amazing photo of Lake Champlain at sunset from 40,000 feet. Thanks, Treds, for this special photo.

#11904 John Ulin, San Marino, CA, sent word of a night out at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC last February. John, his parents, Richard and Susan, #8580 Bob Craft and his wife Jamie were able to enjoy a wonderful performance. Says John, “My parents rarely get the pleasure of mixing with a Dudley crew.”

#13426 Ned and Vanessa Johnson, Washington, DC, wrote during April of their “guerrilla gardening” behind the local elementary school property. Says Vanessa, “We’ve cleared brush and planted flowers and saved trees from wild vines. But it has helped to attack something and beautify it.” A great project for a difficult time.

#15196 Dana Vachon, London, England, was named in an interview with Jim Carrey, who was discussing the release of their co-authored book, Memoirs and Misinformation. #14359 Andy Morris heard the segment and knew there was a Camp connection!

#15874 Andre Gomez, Smyrna, GA, was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in mid-April as he worked hard to feed people in his community. Andre is the Chef and owner of the Porch Light Latin Kitchen in Smyrna. Pictured above is Andre’s Can-Can Pork Chop, which he was able to feature when the supplies were available.

#16627 Justin Bolger, Providence, RI, was ordained into the priesthood on May 23, 2020, in Washington, DC. Justin is serving at Providence College.

#17147 J. D. Deardourff, Chevy Chase, MD, was one of the DC artists to paint the Black Lives Matters street mural in Washington, DC. JD is in the green hat.

#18755 Graham Tredwell, Bozeman, MT, achieved a personal milestone this spring when he was able to make his first solo flight. Graham’s dad, #11164 John Tredwell, got wind of the historic flight and was able to fly in and surprise Graham at the time of his flight. Congratulations!

#18794 Tom McDonough, Salt Lake City, UT, and #18500 Bill Harper, Bainbridge Island, WA, bumped into each other this fall as both were preparing to lead their respective NOLS expeditions with masks in place.

#18795 Tom McKeown, Chicago, IL, was excited when Kristin Wright said “YES!” to his proposal. They were engaged in early April, will have a small wedding just with family on December 5, 2020, and look forward to a big party in December 2021!

#19116 Will Plumb, Wellesley, MA, (right) #19172 Scott “Scooter” Sewall, Brooklyn, NY, (left) and #18795 Thomas “T” Mckeown, Chicago, IL, (center) met “halfway” in central CT for a round of golf. Scores for the day were not reported.

#19172 Scott “Scooter” Sewall, Brooklyn, NY, and #20446 Laura Canning, Pelham, NY, were excited to announce their engagement! Plans are being made at this time for “the big day.” Scooter reported they are both very happy and looking forward to a life together.

#19277 Mike and #21727 Nick Scheffler, Plymouth, MN, gathered with their family for a small hymn sing, “making the best of times during COVID-19” according to Mom Cindi. She continued, “This is a great testimony to the lasting effects of Dudley on men, even later in life.” Cindi’s dad #7277 Bill “Bombsite” Reusswig was there in spirit.

#19747 Zach Denton, Milwaukee, WI, has announced his engagement to Nicole Nulf. They reside and work for GE Healthcare in Milwaukee. A spring 2021 wedding is planned. Mom Suzanne and Dad #21047 Steve Denton are thrilled.

#19968 Owen Denton, Elizabethtown, NY, graduated from US Army Infantry School on June 26, 2020. He is part of the 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division US Army Garrison, Hawaii. Owen graduated from Paul Smith’s College with a degree in wildlife management before joining the US Army.

#20745 Jake Bolster, New York, NY, and his girlfriend Emily were able to “bag a few peaks” during a visit to Adirondack Park in the late summer. Jake and Emily are shown below on top of Algonquin on a beautiful morning!

Former Kiniya leader #21001 Randy Breeckner-Johnston, Bayamon, PR, and her husband are both members of the US Coast Guard and were in need of a summer nanny. After Randy inquired about available Kiniya leaders, we were able to swiftly connect her with #23296 Emily Reusswig. Emily headed to Puerto Rico in June to support Randy and son Bodhi while Randy’s husband was away with his ship. Thrilled that it has worked out for all!

#21979 Martin Hansen, Holbaek, Denmark, shared of his marriage and growing family: “Amalie and I got married this summer the 6th of June, small wedding because of the pandemic, but a lovely day with the close family nonetheless. We are planning to host a big wedding party once the world is more normal again, and I’ve already invited #18629 Doug Forsythe and #19180 Lukas Ebeler, with whom I regularly keep in touch with, and have met up with both multiple times since my two summers at Dudley in ’10 and ’11. #22465 Cat McCutcheon should also be mentioned here. Dudley creates friendships for life, even when you live a long ways apart. ”

#22134 Cary Romig, Fort Washington, PA, connected via LinkedIn and shared: “I have been reminiscing about my time as a camper at Dudley looking through the 2012-2014 editions of The Last Whistle. I truly will never forget the amazing experiences and life lessons I learned during my time at Dudley. Currently I am at Elon University getting a BA in strategic communications and will graduate in 2022, and working part-time at Hughes Relocation Services.”

#22169 TJ Bordeaux, West Haven, CT, received his Senior ring from West Point at the beginning of the academic year. Says TJ, “This path has kept me away from some great Dudley summers and some of my greatest friends, but know that you are all in my heart and on my mind, always. Thank you for all the love and support and for giving me the courage and confidence to be where I am today. ” 

Thank you for your service, TJ, and best of luck as you push on with your studies. We look forward to celebrating your graduation in May 2021. 

Ed. Note: The inscription on the inside of his ring reads “Other Fellow First”

#23845 Betsy Lyles Swetenburg and her husband Owen moved to Dallas, TX, in July! Betsy answered the call to begin serving the Northridge Presbyterian Church in East Dallas as the Senior Pastor. Betsy started her service to Northridge with virtual Sunday worship services. “Camp Leave” is something that she has already discussed with the leaders of her church, laying the groundwork for future visits to the Dudley and Kiniya Chapels. If you live in the greater Dallas area, please feel free to reach out to Betsy and Owen and add your voice to the welcome they have already received.

#24278 Karen and #12778 Drew Johnson, Lewes, DE, report that their Swell Joe Coffee Company continues to enjoy flavorful business. Karen and Drew are co-owners of Swell Joe’s and partners with Sharon and Dave Vitella. They’re shown having a team meeting on the beach. Now served in more than 20 restaurants and specialty shops in and around Coastal Delaware, you can also order Swell Joe’s online.

#24386 Sam Zaruba, Ada, MI, was able to find some wide open space at Avalanche Lake in Glacier Park in July. While sad to be missing his NOLS trip in 2020, the visit to Avalanche Lake offered some solace.

#24518 Grace Corcoran and #24663 Charlie Corcoran, New Canaan, CT, are both volunteering for Person to Person to deliver food to those in need. “It has been fun giving back to the community,” they wrote.