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Alumni News

We’d love to keep the Camp Community informed of your activities, events and adventures!
Alumni News - Spring 2022

#8444 Jim Van Hoven, Essex, NY, and #6859 Carter White, Saratoga Springs, NY, celebrated their time at Camp during a recent dinner gathering at MacLean Lodge. These low-number alums enjoyed catching up and sharing stories around the fire. They recalled that Jim’s wife, Colleen, was a waitress at the Stable Inn in 1962 when they were both at Camp. Pictured L to R, Carter, Colleen, and Jim

#9061 Rollie Stichweh, Southbury, CT, shared this great photo from the 2021 Army-Navy football game at the Meadowlands. Stich (center with the baseball cap) enjoyed the game but also had a terrific time catching up with old Dudley friends and family. Everyone in the group had a camp number or was connected to a family member with one.

#9791 Eberhard Mangold, Hannover, Germany, is being cared for in a senior community  in Hannover. He enjoys visits from #10064 Ekki Albrecht and #15250 Felix Westphafl a few times each month. Felix, left, and Eberhard are shown during a recent visit.

#10173 Rich Holeton, Montara, CA, writes with news of his 2001 hypertext novel, Figurski at Findhorn on Acid.  Says Rich, “It has been re-released in a 20th anniversary edition on the open web (figurskiatfindhornonacid.com) and has also been adapted into a radio play to be released in January 2022 by Re-Imagined Radio (www.reimaginedradio.net/). Described by critics as “funny, crazy, ultra-postmodern satire” and “a cross between Borges and the Marx Brothers,” the novel’s scenes consist of every possible combination of three characters, three places, and three artifacts with a central plot involving the global pursuit of a valuable 18th century mechanical pig. You can read more about the novel on its Wikipedia page.

#10581 Mike Coombs, Plymouth, MA, has published his first book, titled It’s Okay To Be…. Says Mike, “Using big, colorful, real-life images, It’s Okay To Be… illustrates peers in some new and big emotions which young ones may encounter as they grow into themselves. It advocates for children to understand that these feelings and experiences are normal, to meet them head on, and it’s okay to let them ‘be’. Mike’s book is available on Amazon.

#10934 Bob “Stacks” Stackpole, Slinger, WI, recently reconnected with Camp. He is working as a Catholic theologian and spends his time between Slinger, WI, and Warsaw, Poland, where Bob’s wife, Katarzyna, is caring for her father. Bob’s daughter is a history PhD candidate at the University of Leyden. Pictured Bob Stackpole in the 1977 Big Show.

#11167 Ted Aldrich, Westport, CT, has written his first book, The Partnership, which hits the shelves April 2022. As a lifetime reader of history, Ted has created a dual biography of George Marshall and Henry Stimson and their collaboration during the twentieth century. History buffs can find the book on Amazon.

#11373 Mike Stevens, Norwalk, CT, is now CEO of Impressio.tech in Denver and an advisor to Footprint International, LLC whose mission is to eliminate single-use plastics to build a healthier planet. Impressio’s mission is to materially transform the most important products in the world. Current projects include reimagining helmet technology for the NFL and U.S. Army as well as creating new biomedical devices with grants from the NSF and NIH. The NFL announced that Impressio is one of three granted funding from the NFL Helmet Challenge. Mike’s wife and loyal Dudleyite, Leila (aka Dr. Garrett) recently celebrated her 25th year as a physician in Greenwich, CT.

#11419 Paul Orvis, Yarmouth Port, MA, shared an interesting photo comparison following a visit with his dad #7200 Paul “Peter” Orvis last summer. Says Paul, ” Dawn and I were able to visit Peter and Cece in St. Augustine over Labor Day weekend. While there, we were able to catch a snap of Peter wearing a Dudley hat and his 75-year pin. There’s just a wee bit of difference between that shot and the one we took some 20 years or so earlier.” Below top L-R, #19519 Paul Orvis V, #7200 Paul Orvis III, #11419 Paul Orvis VI. Bottom (2007) L-R, #11419, #19519, #7200.

#11762 Rick Edie and his wife #18762 Betsy, Dedham, MA, spotted their old friend #11638 Tom Elliott decked out in Dudley swag while hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. Tom was on spring break with wife Stephanie and sons #23638 Peter and #23538 Will who will be leaders this summer.

#11824 Michael Bastian, Brookfield, MA, shared a great update.  Michael moved from New Mexico to Germany in 2017 to support his ailing parents. Rev. Bastian and his wife returned to New England in Sept. 2020. He recently celebrated his 28th anniversary of ordination as a Lutheran pastor. Says Michael, “I have served churches in Germany and the U.S. and am currently pastoring Zion Lutheran in Oxford, MA, and Church of the Reconciliation (Episcopal) in Webster, MA. I hope to partake in a reunion of CD alumni and friends in 2022.”

#11907 Pete Gilbert, Haddon Field, NJ, shared the news of the big family adventure to watch #22907 Alex Gilbert and his brother #23107 Sean Gilbert  go head-to-head in a college club rugby game. Alex is a senior at St. Lawrence and Sean’s a freshman at Hobart. Says Peter, “We called it the “game of the century!”

#13804 Matt Storey, Westport, NY, was able to watch #22504 Carter and St. Lawrence play at Skidmore in early December. There he ran into several Dudleyites! Skidmore senior #25353 Will Stevens, #21996 Brendan Bumgardner, #21337 Ellie Schwoebel, and #22637 Hannah Schwoebel were all in attendance. Also attending were #11365 Dave and Lindy Flanagan as well as son #19365 Peter who were there to cheer on their nephew #23190 Tommy Flanagan, a player for St. Lawrence. Pictured are Matt, Carter, and Will Stevens.

#14448 Carter Westfall, Wilson, WY, is now the CEO and Co-Founder of The Natural Selection Tour. The website describes it as “A new generation of outdoor events and experiences designed to inspire a deeper connection to Mother Nature, where the world’s greatest snowboarders compete on our planet’s most challenging natural(ly enhanced) terrain.” Visit https://www.naturalselectiontour.com to see what Carter is up to and watch some incredible backcountry skiing competition.

#15191 Oliver Jeffers, Co. Down, United Kingdom, was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire in January 2022. Says Ollie in his instagram post, “Very humbled to receive an MBE on the Queen’s New Year Honours list for Services to the Arts. I did not see it coming, and it invigorates me to continue using the power of art and stories to simplify the human message of connectedness. It is a recognition shared with the team around me, who help me do what I do and get my work out into the world.”

#15250 Felix Westpfahl, Worpswede, Germany, wrote that he is working in the office of Labour and Health law in Breman, Germany. Felix, his wife Anna-Lena, and son Friedrich, shown at right, have moved away from Hannover. Friedrich looks to be getting ready for the Witherbee stage.

#16841 Andrew Weibrecht, Lake Placid, NY, was featured in a January issue of Lake Champlain Weekly which described his career as an Olympic medalist, alpine skier, and his current $15,000 fundraiser for Make-A-Wish. Andrew states, “I know how fortunate I am to be physically fit, to be able to go out and pursue my dreams. It’s incumbent on me to give that back. These kids all deserve a chance to pursue their dreams, too.”

#17982 Matt “Rooster” McElroy, Washington, DC, was on a visit in Maine during the holidays. He happened to notice a social media post from #17525 Pete “Shorty” Treiber  who was also visiting Maine and was only two towns away.  Rooster and Shorty were able to plan a spontaneous get together and spend some quality time catching up.

#18754 Connor Smith, Melbourne, Australia, writes, “Excited to share that I’ve made the jump to Melbourne, Australia for the next few years to help grow McKinsey’s healthcare practice in the region. I will be based in Melbourne with my fiancee Allison—looking forward to exploring all that this part of the world has to offer!”

#18755 Graham Tredwell,  LA, shared news that he is an Aerial Survey Pilot. Says Graham, ” My current job is to fly around the country and survey municipalities from the air. It is a great way to build up flight hours and experience.” Graham noted that a return to Alaska might be possible in the early summer.

#19117 Cris Ramirez, Mount Hermon, NY, and #12135 Pete Kotz, Columbia, MD, recently connected. Says Cris, “I was coaching my wrestling team (Northfield Mount Hermon) at the National Preps Championship in Maryland for which Pete’s school (Our Lady of Good Counsel) also competes. He was there assisting as an athletic trainer while his team wrestled. We saw each other and basically said, “OH HEY, I know you!”

#19674 George Wells, New York, NY, checked in during a recent recruiting event for Barclay’s at Middlebury College. While in town he was able to get together with a few of the faithful for dinner. L – R #23387 Ben Emery, #23128 Sam Wilson, #19674 George Wells, #23064 Crosby Smith, #22524 Will Napper, #23381 Walker Coyle, #23890 Peter McLearn.

#20001 Marnie McDonagh, South Burlington, VT, shared a great photo of the Kiniya team’s trek in late March to check out the Moscow Property.  For those who may not be aware, the Moscow Property bears a striking resemblance to the Stacy Brook Wilderness and is used by Kiniya campers. Pictured: #20001 Marnie McDonagh, #25223 Liz Moore, #24014 Tom Brayden, #20613 Angie Wallace, #21054 Kissy Rowley.

#20176 Laurel Henderson, Boston, MA, reports, “I got into Harvard! I’m heading up to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for training in Oral Medicine (my third specialty!) I’ll be in Boston for 3 years and will get to see my favorite camp friend and Asst. D-Head, #20479 Megan Powell, with some regularity!”

#20595 Kat Nelson, Shelburne, VT, has taken on an exciting new position as Director of Admissions at Vermont Commons School in South Burlington. Her recent role at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes paired with her many years at Camp have led her to and prepared her for this dream opportunity. She is thrilled to be a part of a community that shares many of the same values as Camp! 

#21001 Randy Breeckner-Johnson, San Juan, PR, wrote with news of her twin girls’ arrival in December. (See Future Campers) Her four year old son, Bodhi, is loving his new role as a big brother. This summer Randy and Kenneth are transferring from our Coast Guard units in San Juan, PR, back to the northeast, working at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

#21340 Kaveri Curlin, Claremont, CA, shared the news that she had received her white coat from the University of California School of Medicine in December 2021. 

#21871 David, #21547 Scotty, #22515 Teddy, and David McGraw Sr, Short Hills, NJ, recorded and enjoyed a little COVID jam session. They call themselves the McGraw Project. Check out this talented family here.

#22073 Owen Stevens (Yale, December 2022) and #21373 Will Stevens (Skidmore, May 2022) both finish their student-athlete careers in 2022. Owen was a 3-time High School All-American at Darien H.S. He has qualified for NCAA zones twice at Yale. Will’s senior lacrosse season just started at Skidmore and his team is looking to upset a few traditional powerhouses in the highly ranked Liberty League.

#22082 Chris Henderson, Sunrise, FL, wrote to Matt with news of his future plans.  Says Chris, “I will be graduating  in spring 2022 from UCF. I will graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Finance. I completed an internship at Lockheed Martin in the fall. After I graduate I will be joining L3Harris Technologies as a new member of their Financial Leadership Development Program (FLDP).”

#22344 Dajour Fisher, New Windsor, NY, has completed his studies at Saint Bonaventure University. He has earned a degree in business and takes great pride in describing himself as an entrepreneur!

#22486 Jack Stuzin, Baltimore, MD, shared the news of a surprise visit with long-time Dudley friend #10154 Hugh Fitzpatrick. Hugh and Jack were neighbors for a number of years and spent quality time reconnecting.

#22510 Connor Matteson, Florham Park, NJ, will be publishing his first book this May. Says Connor, “The project is titled The World As You’ll Live It and is intended as a guidebook for my generation on the next thirty years of trends in international politics, climate change, and technology.” Connor will be sending a signed copy of his book to the Dudley Authors Shelf in the Dudley Archives. (Have you written a book? Contact Dave@campdudley.org to find out about getting yours included on the Dudley Authors Shelf.)

#22526 Matt Johnson, Washington, DC, shared an exciting update in February as he returned to school. “A month ago I finished treatment for the brain tumor which I discovered while at Camp last summer. Last week, I got to go on tour for the first time with my a cappella group The Dissipated Eight around the Boston area. I then returned to campus at Middlebury. It’s good to be back at college, and I’m incredibly excited to return to Camp this summer and have a full two sessions this time.” The photo shows Matt and his group at a local high school performance.

#22804 Rachel Storey, Westport, NY, a Senior at the Holderness School, reached the 1000 point mark in her basketball career. 

#22961 Jackson Reydel, Marion, MA, and teammate #23529 Jack Dove, Norwalk, CT, posed for a photo at the recent Rowan vs Amherst College baseball game. Both started the exciting game during the Florida spring break training trip. They combined for 11 hits during the tour and ended up with a 4 – 2 record.

#23382 Na’Sah Dabbs, Newburgh, NY, started at Boston College in the Class of 2025. Na’ Sah is shown with #22427 Father Mark Connell at his June 2021 graduation from Canterbury School where he earned top awards, including the prestigious Nelson Hume Award.

#23456 Dominic Pelosi, Washington, DC, started college at the University College, London, in the fall of 2021. Dominic is shown with his mom on drop-off day at school.

#23737 Abbey Schwoebel, Westport, NY, joined the elite ranks of 1000 point scorers during a game on January 6, 2022.  Abbey is a junior at  Boquet Valley High School.

#24268 Spencer Lewis, Vienna, VA, was a member of the Boys’ 4 x 200 meter relay team that set a new Virginia State record for that event. Spencer, left, shares the spotlight with his teammates after the race.

#24324 Alistair Wright, Douglaston, NY, conducted a very successful event, Rally for Hunger. It was a pickleball tournament to benefit the North Shore Food Kitchen and NOSH. Alistair’s event raised $4,565 and was a great boost to support the kitchen that provides food to more than 500 families in Bayville, Glen Cove, Roslyn, Locust Valley and Sea Cliff. You will be able to read more about Alistair’s effort in an online blog post.

#24514 Caroline Foster, South Burlington, VT, reported that during a recent ski vacation in Steamboat Springs, CO, she and son #20725 Ragon Willmuth bumped into #10643 Matt Quigley.  They were able to enjoy lunch together and “take some runs through the aspens.” L-R Ragon Willmuth, Caroline Foster, Matt Quigley

#24601 Kevin McDonagh, Healesville VIC, Australia, was honored with the Melbourne, Australia Volunteer of the Year Award for 2021. On any given day, Kevin could be found helping deliver meals on wheels, driving folks to their doctor appointments and helping out anywhere he was needed—all in the middle of the pandemic. What a marvelous example of living the Camp motto!

#25223 Liz Moore, Baltimore, MD, ran into #12930 Crosby Beane, who works for Crazy Creek, at the American Camp Association Conference in March.  Crosby reported his nephew, #24635 Logan, completed his senior summer in 2021 and nephew, #26035 Luke, will be a plebe in 2022.  Crosby’s brother, #13635 Alexander Beane, is doing well. When asked about his time at Camp, Crosby said, “All the moral fibers I have, have come from my time spent at Dudley”. Pictured; #12930 Crosby Beane, #22146 Emma Caffry,  #22688 Katherine Oatman, #22687 Annie Oatman.

Alumni News - Fall 2021

91-year-old Josephine “Joe” C. Nelson, Montreal, Quebec (Kiniya camper in 1943, 1944, and 1945), returned to Kiniya’s shores for the first time in 76 years! Joe was the recipient of the “Senior Spirit Award” in 1945 and carried her trophy with her on the tour. Joe loved retracing her footsteps from younger years! 

#7388 Bill Greenawalt, Hartsdale, NY, shared the exciting news that he was inducted into the Westchester County Senior Citizens Hall of Fame in December 2020.  Bill was honored for his years of service and volunteer leadership in Westchester County.  In sharing the news with Camp, Bill recounted the long list of things he had done as a camper, JL, and Leader at Camp between 1946 and 1951. Bill’s recognition is a testament to how learning to live the Camp motto at a young age often leads to a lifelong commitment of selfless service.

#8580 Bob Craft, Washington, DC, shared the news of the Groundhog Day 2021 snow in DC and sent the photo as proof that it really can snow there.  Bob also confessed to his dual advertising effort for the Pastaria and Camp.

#8608 Bob and Tuey Stroud, Concord, MA, reported a recent visit with #8698 George “King Farouk” and Phyllis Sanders (R) in Nantucket to watch their granddaughters play soccer. They are shown enjoying lunch after the game.

#9555 Randy and Sibyl Quayle, Lake Placid, NY, and their Red Fox Maple Farm were featured in a March 2021 story in the Lake Placid News. The story is an interesting read about the annual ordeal of collecting sap to make maple syrup.  Read the full story and see the pictures here 

#9977 Chip Carstensen, Princeton, NJ, shared the exciting news that daughter #21477 Haley Carstensen was engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Derek Johnson, on Christmas Eve 2020. Haley and Derek have moved to NYC and are hoping to celebrate their wedding in October 2022.

#10750 Rick Noble, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, has assumed new career responsibilities as the Chief Legal Officer for Wunder Capital. Says Rick, “Wunder is a technology company based in Boulder, CO, whose mission is to accelerate clean, plentiful renewable energy to fight climate change.” Beginning in the summer of 2021 Rick expects to be spending more time in Boulder, CO, where the company is headquartered.

#11419 Pauls Orvis, Yarmouth Port, MA, wrote with this great photo from a class reunion in the fall of 2019.  Says Paul, “Here’s a photo from the Wilton High School Class of ’79 40th reunion. Dudley alums #11184 Peter Quigley, #11171 Brian Perry, and me.  Make an educated guess which ones played center and power forward, and which one was the third-string guard.” If these gentlemen celebrated their 40th high school reunion, that must mean their 50-year pin will soon be due from Camp Dudley.

#11553 Scott Johnston, Vienna, VA, sent in this photo of a few friends gathering for lunch. Attending were #10215 Don Meisel, #11553 Scott Johnston and #10551 David Ris.

#11846 T.C. Canning, Pelham, NY, wrote following a visit to the Cape near the end of 2020.  Says TC, “Reporting in from Cape Cod. Visited over an alfresco breakfast with #6581 Berkeley Johnson.  Was in the area for a friend’s golf tournament and getting tips from a gifted and experienced player. Lest there be any doubt that the visit was in 2020, please see the photo.”

#11904 John Ulin, San Marino, CA, wrote of a special gathering with #19517 Brent Shay and #12640 Tyler Chapman in Boston, MA, in the middle of August.

#12168 Phil Adil, San Rafael, CA, recently wrote of a vintage name tag he discovered.  Says Phil, “My wife has had an old blue wool blanket in the back of her car for about 15 years.  I was cleaning out the trunk a few months ago and noticed my name tag. Some Camp traditions linger for a long time.”

#12225 Andy Marrus, New York, NY, shared this great photo of some Trinity Soccer fans who have Camp numbers.  L to R #23225 Ryan Marrus, #24225 Evan Marrus, and #23441 Drew Morris.

#12931 Scott Sylvester, Spencertown, NY, and son Hayden received a great credit for their hiking in Adirondack Magazine from the ADK Mountain Club.  Scott and Hayden were featured as a father-son hiking team that had great respect for the mountains and the alpine summits. They are sharing stewardship across the generations.  Says Hayden, who hopes to come to camp in 2022, “Hiking is super funand when you get to the top, it is super-satisfying.”

#14247 Susan Tredwell Kuruvilla, San Diego, CA, sent this great photo of brothers #11164 John and #11086 Jim and mother Anne celebrating in WI.  The special event was in honor of Anne’s 90th birthday. Anne is the wife of #6077 Don Tredwell.  Grandchildren #23347 Laura and #23747 Thomas Kuruvilla also attended but are not pictured. It looks like they had a giant council ring fire to help them celebrate!

#15191 Oliver Jeffers, Co Down, United Kingdom, just released his latest children’s picture book through Penguin Press. There is a Ghost in this House is a creative and interactive story that makes a wonderful gift. Check it out here.

#15288 Mike Schloat, Deerfield, MA, was appointed to be the Head of School at Bement School in Deerfield.  His appointment was effective November 24, 2020!  (Apologies for the late notice, Mike. We just wanted to make sure your Camp pals had heard.) Mike served as a DHead at Camp and was on the summer staff as a member of the AHut team.  Read more about Mike’s appointment here.

#16489 Kyle Ferguson, Burlington, VT, had his first book published in June with co-author Anthony Grudin.  Says Kyle, “Beyond Hot Yoga aims to help teachers and students assemble a practical, relevant, and joyful practice. Drawing on over a decade of teaching and applying current best practices, and based on input from a wide array of bodywork methods from within and without the ‘yoga world,’ we have assembled a method that addresses the needs and goals of yoga students in the 21st century.” Check out Beyond Hot Yoga at your favorite bookstore.

#17699 Ned Colgrove, Atlanta, GA, had a great run with his team.  They were semi-finalists for the USTA Adult League Men’s 3.0 after winning the state of Georgia and Southern Region.  Below, Ned (left) and his team.

#18306 Erik “Monkeyman” Soderstrom, Orlando, FL, shared this great photo of the Dudley crew that gathered in October to help him celebrate his wedding to Virginia Valverde.

#18883 Tim O’Leary, Chicago, IL,  and his fiancée, Phoenix Gonzalez visited Camp Dudley on a weekend during their move west from Connecticut to Chicago. Tim was ordained an Episcopal Priest last year after graduating from Yale Divinity School and Berkeley Seminary.  Phoenix also received a master’s at YDS and is headed to Northwestern University for her PhD.  Tim will be Rector of St. Barnabas Church in Glenn Ellyn, Illinois, after serving as Assistant at St. James Church in West Hartford, CT.

#20203 Mary Piazza Hopta and #24834 Charlie Hopta, Easton, PA, were married on October 24, 2020. Says Mary, “We were finally safe to celebrate our wedding on October 9, 2021, with friends and family. This photo was taken just after a very enthusiastic singing of Titanic with Kiniya alums of all generations celebrating together.”

#20278 Kelsey Goodwin, Portland, ME, wrote, “Yoha from Portland! About a year ago I moved back to Maine after spending eight months working at The Island School (with my old AL #20204 Sara Gillis!) and a couple more months at my parent’s house, taking my dog for a walk, watching Netflix, and doing all the other mundane things we all did in the beginning of this pandemic. I have the most amazing job at Portland Community Squash as the Elementary and Middle School Program Director. Yes, you would be right in remembering that I am not a squash player. Recently #20108 Eliza Davis and I took to the road, picked up our pals #20444 Hanna McPheron and #20951 Mackenzie Timbel and spent the weekend celebrating #20203 Mary and #24834 Charlie Hopta’s wedding. It was a hilarious, beautiful weekend and a great reminder that old friends (particularly Camp friends) are one of life’s greatest joys.”

#20873 Will “Wingspan” Lowe, North Hudson, NY, reports that he is currently stationed in Alameda, California with the U.S. Coast Guard.  He is the Commanding Officer of the Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center. His service there began this summer after two years on the Coast Guard Cutter POLAR STAR sailing to the Antarctic and Arctic.

#20981 Fiona Maruca, Burlington, VT, reports that she was looking forward to running in the Green Mountain Marathon on October 17, 2021. Fiona and #25195 Noah Dines ran and hiked the 32 miles from Camel’s Hump to Mount Mansfield on June 13, 2021.

#21194 Owen McElroy, Ridgewood, NJ, recent Georgetown University graduate, was named the 2021 Ensign C. Markland Kelly Award winner as the most outstanding goalie in NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse. This is the second year in a row Owen was named a first-team All-American. Owen led the Hoyas to their third straight Big East tournament title and then the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament, finishing with a 13-3 record and a final national ranking of #7.

#21531 Sammi (Muther) Tulungen, Concord, NH, writes, “The library world is busy, with people excited to get books and rush home to read in the safety of their own space. We have outdoor programs whenever possible and ‘Storytime in the Sunshine’ is spectacular.” Sammi also was awarded the Providence Community Library Staff Person of the Year and was the Acting Lead Librarian until the permanent replacement was named in June 2021. Sammi acknowledges the role that the Kiniya Leadership program had in helping launch her success. If you look closely at the picture you will find Sammi is reading #15191 Oliver Jeffers’ storybook Stuck!

#21532 Pete Nash, South Burlington, VT, and Bill Willey, Paris, KY, who met on staff at Kiniya in 1948, continue to be the best of friends to this day! Shown here on their annual trip to Hilton Head, SC, clearly these guys still know how to have fun!

#21881 Marin Williams, Chicago, IL, wrote, “In the Spring of 2021, I accepted a job at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) student-run art gallery, SITE Gallery, as the Director of Programming. In one of my first meetings with my supervisor, I was told that I would be working closely with the Video Manager, Beatrice Kilkelly-Schmidt. I knew the name was familiar, but I couldn’t place it at first. Finally, it clicked, and I remembered I knew #20960 Beatrice from Kiniya! It’s been so fun to reconnect with Beatrice and reminisce about Camp, and it has been wonderful getting to work with her in a professional setting over the past 5 months!” You can see all the amazing video work she’s been doing for SITE Galleries on the SITE Galleries website. Beatrice will graduate from SAIC this spring with a focus in Film, Video and New Media. Marin will graduate from SAIC this spring with a dual MA in Modern & Contemporary Art History and Arts Administration & Policy.

#21973 Kari Post, Keene, NH, sent an update and greetings to the Dudley community.  Kari, her husband John, and their dog Winston continue to explore the New Hampshire mountains when time permits. Kari also shared that she has her motorcycle endorsement now and often enjoys riding with John when they are not hiking.

#22102 Oliver Lawrence‘s, Rowayton, CT, invitation to the Colby vs. Middlebury Rugby Match promised that the afternoon would involve spirited rugby and wet and cold weather. The attendees were not disappointed in any of these categories. The rain held off for the majority of the game but conditions were wet and the pitch torn and tattered when the final whistle blew. There was no scoring by either side in the first half of play. It was Ollie himself who put the first points on the board with his lightning-fast reaction when a ball squirted out of a ruck into the endzone where young Master Lawrence jumped on it for the score. With the clock winding down, the hometown Panthers went ahead with a try and the conversion to make the score 7-5 in favor of Middlebury. But with less than five minutes remaining in the match, the Mules of Colby made a strong advance toward the goal and with one man to beat reached the tryline to give the visitors the 10-7 victory. The Colby side advanced to play powerhouse Holy Cross for the NERFU championship.

In attendance to see Ollie were #22069 Sam Donahue and #22051 Steven Ditzler and the rest of the lads from Colby College there that day were Middlebury students #22511 Peter McLearn, #22524 Will Napper, #22500 Cam Lawrence, #22172 Austin Carmody and #11264 Davo.  Pictured (L-R) Sam, Austin, Davo, Steven, Will, Peter, Ollie and Cam.

#22339 Ashleigh Henderson, Augusta, GA, graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Health Sciences, concentrating in Healthcare Management and has relocated to Augusta. Pictured are Ashleigh and # 21758 Megan Martelle, both Kiniya Alumni preparing to walk at graduation together!

#22526 Matt Johnson, Washington, DC, and his parents #13426 Ned and Vanessa reported being part of a hugely successful fundraising effort recently. The neuro-oncology families at Children’s Hospital in DC worked together to generate $43,000 for brain tumor research! Congratulations!

#22569 Tommy Burke, Palm Beach, FL, received a nice mention in US Lacrosse Magazine in the Spring.  In the Under-the-Radar Stars, you find this note: “In a college lacrosse landscape full of talented faceoff men, Tommy Burke is putting together a strong season for the Catamounts.  He currently sits third in the country, winning 70.4 percent of his faceoffs.”

#22719 Sydney Zoehrer, Coronado, CA, was able to squeeze in an impromptu reunion with #7987 Dr. Dick Edie and #11762 Rick Edie on Cape Cod. Sydney reports wearing her 2021 Mellowfest t-shirt that stirred some great memories of Rick’s 1987 Junior Division D-Head days with #12916 Taylor Schollmaier when the first Mellowfest was organized.

#22898 Whitney Phelps, Slingerlands, NY, reported  #23078 Luke Johnson was traveling for his baseball team – University of Maryland – Baltimore County – to play against SUNY Albany, in April 2021. #8498 Jud and Whitney Phelps were able to celebrate Easter with him by watching him pitch a 6 1/3 no-hitter!

#23075 Sam MacKenzie, Burlington, VT,  a freshman at Northeastern University, is spending his first semester in Rome, Italy.  Sam and #25075 Leslee are shown together in Italy.

#23789 Terry and #23788 Brinley Ehlers, Norwalk, CT, report that they are empty nesters! #23791 Lucy and #23790 Kathleen are freshmen at the University of Alabama! Says Brinley, “We went for parents’ weekend and had so much fun at a football game!!! Miss them, but Roll Tide!!!”

#24447 Carlos Toribio, Brentwood, NJ, reports that he and Tim Connors completed their coast-to-coast bike ride in mid-September! They rode from Anacortes, WA, to Bar Harbour, ME!  Carlos shared some of his stories about his adventure that lasted about 100 days. He highlighted some of the really kind people that they met on their journey and described how he was pushed in ways he never expected.  Look for a more detailed story of the adventure in a future blog post.

#24514 Caroline Foster, South Burlington, VT, shared a recent encounter with some Dudley friends.  Caroline wrote, “After snowshoeing last winter in Hinesburg Town Forest, I returned to find someone had ‘written’ a friendly note on the windshield of my car. I love these random happenings that are so heartwarming. I left them a note identifying myself and ‘wrote’ YOHA on their rear window in return.”

#24646 Carter Buckman, Syracuse,  NY, (back) participates in music leadership at Onondaga Hills Church. Check out the sweatshirt. #10846 Rev. Bob Langston leads outdoor worship services for the Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church where Carter is a church elder.

#24805 Piper Higgins, Williamstown, MA, released a new album in March 2021.  Says Piper, “The album is called ‘Stay Still’ and it’s available on all streaming services. It’s 11 songs long and is thematically centered around adolescent ramblings, growing up, etc. I wrote, recorded, and produced the whole thing myself during the pandemic year.” Piper’s album, ‘Stay Still’, is available from your favorite streaming service.

#25185 Brayden Harrington, Boscawen, NH, had a book published this fall. It’s called Brayden Speaks Up: How One Boy Inspired the Nation. It tells of his struggles and efforts to become more comfortable with his “bumpy speech.” Through his challenges and an amazing opportunity, he gained the courage to speak up and out.  Check it out at your favorite bookstore. Brayden did a book signing session for some Dudley friends at the MOP!

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