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Dudley Leadership Mentors

We’ve heard quite a bit over the past few months about the desire for our Aides, JLs, and ALs to be able to spend time together and get more of that authentic Dudley time in their lives. In addition, one of our big takeaways from the summer of 2020 is that we have the capacity to be able to do a lot more virtual “off-season” training for our young leaders. 

To that end, we developed a new program that creates regular connection points that allow for meaningful learning and relationship development. We’re calling it Dudley Leadership Mentors. 

To pilot the program we reached out to a group of young Dudley alums who have graduated from college, who have experience in our Leadership Development program, and who have been a part of our training program here on campus in recent summers. These new Dudley Leadership Mentors were assigned a group of 6-8 young leaders (ages 15-17) and have been meeting virtually with their group over the past two months. 

And here’s a big YOHA to the young alums who signed up to get this program started for us. It’s been a big hit with our young leaders already!

2020 Dudley Leadership Mentors

#19529 Dave Ballinger
#21129 Will Bass
#20970 Wendell Beane
#20745 Jake Bolster
#19882 Malcolm Brown
#21461 Jem Bullock
#18434 Brian Cropper
#19130 Caleb Florence
#20751 Ryan Kelley
#19136 Ian Kotz
#19399 Bo McKinley

#22645 Raphie Mettle
#20580 Kyle Munshower
#25186 Julian “Raj” Nelson
#19938 Peter O’Brien
#18555 Charlie O’Rourke
#20763 Chris Peisch
#20791 Will Rider
#18754 Connor Smith
#18306 Erik “Monkey Man” Soderstrom
#20725 Ragon Willmuth

Interested in joining the Dudley Mentor Program in the future? Contact our Leadership Development Director, Evan George.

Thank you for all the love and support!

Thank you for all the love and support and for giving me the courage and confidence to be where I am today. READ MORE …

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