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Tyler Chapman, #12640

Sherborn, MA


#12640 Tyler Chapman attended camp every summer from 1979 to 1984, rising from Cub to Junior Leader. He then returned as a Leader in the Junior Division for the summers of 1986-1988 and 1990. In addition to being privileged to attend camp during the Schmidt years, Tyler also was fortunate to benefit from the guidance of such legendary Dudley leaders as Steve Schmidt, George Nelson, Tom Bolster, and Mark Davenport. In 2000, Tyler joined the Board for a five-year term during one of the more momentous periods in Dudley’s history. It was during this time that the Board voted to expand Dudley’s mission and, ultimately, become the Kiniya and Dudley Camps we are today. Says Tyler, “Sitting in that meeting when we first voted to expand Camp’s mission, it was hard to envision what the future would look like, but I have marveled over the last two decades as Kiniya and Dudley have grown and thrived beyond anything I could have imagined. It is all a credit to the great leadership of these Camps and the strength of the greater Dudley family.”

For more than 40 years, Dudley has been the most important institution in Tyler’s life. Son, #23740 Miles has attended Camp since his cub summer and was a Junior Leader in the summer of 2021. Tyler’s younger children, Caroline and Reed, will hopefully one day be campers at Dudley and Kiniya. They are looking forward to visiting Camp after the pandemic.

After four years working at City Year in Boston, and earning a graduate degree in Education during that time, Tyler attended law school and has been practicing full time since 1997. His practice focuses on commercial litigation, but he also has had extensive experience serving on and advising non-profit boards throughout his career. He is looking forward to returning to the Board and is eager to serve Camp to the best of his abilities.

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