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Beth Kaufman, #19876

New Rochelle, NY


#19876 Beth L. Kaufman has been part of the Dudley family since attending her first reunion weekend in 1990 with her then three small daughters and husband, #8276 Charlie Updike. The Updike-Kaufman family has had a home in Westport since 1994, has hosted family events at Dudley, and has returned to Camp for almost every reunion weekend over the last 33 years. The family includes Charlie’s brother #7582 Stuart (camper, Leader, D-head, and one of Camp’s doctors for more than 25 years); daughters #13736 Edith, who ran the tennis program in 1984 and #17376 Dina, a staff member in 1998 and 1999; nephew #11724 Kimball, camper, Aide, JL, Leader and tennis staff member; and grandson #22076 Nicholas, a camper from Cub to Senior. Granddaughter #27176 Jocelyn will attend Kiniya this summer (with her two younger siblings not far behind).

Beth’s connection to Camp included being a trusted advisor of Charlie when he was a board member and Board Chair from 1993 to 1998. Having searched in vain for a camp experience similar to that which Dudley provided to boys at the time her daughters were of camp age, she was delighted to serve on the Girls Committee to help bring Camp Kiniya into the Dudley family. She says her involvement with Camp has been a highlight of the last 33 years.

In addition to being a mother and stepmother of five now-adult daughters and a grandmother to an adult grandson and three younger granddaughters, Beth has spent more than 45 years practicing law at the same firm in New York City, where she is now Managing Partner of what has evolved into a women-owned law firm. For more than 25 years, she has held leadership positions in the American Bar Association’s Litigation Section, which she chaired from 2021 until 2022, and in the National Association of Women Lawyers, where she served as President from 2012 to 2013. She has served the American Bar Association’s and the New York City Bar Association’s committees on federal and state court judicial selection and was appointed by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a member of his Advisory Committee on Judicial Nominations.

Beth looks forward to serving on the Board and working with her fellow board members to ensure the ongoing well-being of the Dudley and Kiniya enterprise.

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