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Gifts in Kind

“The important thing about gifts-in-kind is that they fill a real need at our Camps,” said Dave Langston, Director of Development.  “While we appreciate the various offers we receive from generous donors, we must evaluate each offer that comes our way.  In truth, there are only so many donated basketballs or used tennis balls that we can realistically use in our programs,” said Langston.  “While well-intentioned, some gifts-in-kind become a challenge to use and ultimately can be costly to repair or dispose of.”

The solution to an effective gifts-in-kind program, offers donors a way to make meaningful contributions and provides our Camps with items that we can use.  To that end, here is our “Wish List.”  Things that appear on this list are items that we can use NOW or as soon as spring weather returns to the North Country. Should you have interest in making an in-kind donation of something on our wish list, Please contact Dave Langston, dave@campdudley.org, or Dawn Gay, dawn@campdudley.org.  They will be happy to field your inquiry and make the connection to the appropriate person at Camp.

Camp Dudley and Kiniya Wish List

  • Gently used late-model SUV or Truck 
  • Gently used late-model minivan
  • Gently used or new 15-passenger van  
  • Used Toolcat (Bobcat)
  • Used pick-up truck suitable for on-campus trash removal at Kiniya
  • Wooden Adirondack chairs for Kiniya
  • Musical Instruments
  • Used, well-built furniture. (Wooden chairs, couches, dressers)
  • DJI Drone – Publications Dept.
  • Sony Lens – Publications Dept.

The Share Shack

Has your child grown out of some items that might be useful for campers at Dudley and Kiniya this summer?

We have programs at both campuses where we lend items to campers for the summer rather than families having to go out and buy brand-new gear. 

For both our camps, please donate gently used items like athletic gear, books, or other items you think might be useful for a camper. At Dudley, we particularly seek blue blazers, khaki pants, dress shirts, dress shoes, belts, and ties.

If you’re interested in donating to this program, please email Anita Johnson at anita@campdudley.org

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