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The Outdoors Program at Camp Dudley

The Outdoors Program is an integral part of the summer camp experience at Dudley, taking full advantage of our idyllic location in the Adirondack Mountains on the shores of Lake Champlain. Including hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, camping, a full ropes course, and more, the program is designed to challenge campers while providing them with a sense of accomplishment and teamwork. Additionally, the Outdoors Program teaches campers camping and survival skills led by experienced Leaders and Staff, who are knowledgeable about the local environment. Camp Dudley’s Outdoors Program offers campers an unforgettable experience of exploring the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. The rock climbing program starts on our top-notch climbing tower and then takes campers to stunning natural formations, the canoeing program allows them to explore crystal-clear lakes and rivers, and the hiking program takes them on trails that offer breathtaking views. During their time at Dudley, campers will have the unique experience of spending time in the great outdoors and learning how to safely spend time in, appreciate, and respect the wilderness and nature that is right at our doorstep. Overall, Camp Dudley’s Outdoors Program provides campers with an enriching and transformative experience that, through team-building, camaraderie, and encouragement out of their comfort zone, create lasting bonds and experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

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