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2023 Spirit Dedication

#20964 Amanda Perry

Throughout her many years within our community, there is one thing that stands out about Amanda above all else: she has a heart of gold with the unique ability to positively impact every life she touches.

Amanda has been a beloved member of the Kiniya community since she was 8 years old. Growing up here, she faced some significant physical challenges, and never let them hold her back from the opportunities. In fact, her deep determination and commitment to persevere continued to strengthen with each given summer. This, partnered with her remarkably positive outlook always enabled her to shine.

Her strong character continued to shine brightly throughout her camper years. She was known to give away precious possessions of her own in order to honor or offer love to others. Her listening skills were above par from an early age, and her sense of kindness was felt from by all.

It can sometimes be difficult to find your voice at Camp as a quiet leader. Amanda has never been one to aim to be in front, to be first, or to be the loudest. She is the kind of person that offers her support behind closed doors, goes above and beyond when no one is watching, and supports all fully and completely without question.

It was Amanda’s grit and resilience, along with her strong character, that carried her successfully through our three year leadership development program, earning her a position as a Cabin Leader in 2018. Amanda continued to impress in 2019, mentoring and supporting her leadership team and campers each day.

To this day, Amanda is always looking to inspire those around her to grow. She stays curious, and is open to ideas, different perspectives and thoughts. She has always stepped into her roles here at Camp with strength, love and grace, and with increased confidence year over year.

Amanda is a leader by example, always standing out as mature beyond her years, humble, hard-working and extremely capable. Her naturally observant style paired with thoughtful communication make her a deeply valued and respected member of the Kiniya community. She excels at demonstrating selflessness and is a top contributor towards a tone of openness, honesty, kindness and inclusivity.

Amanda exemplifies true leadership that we hold in high regard here – she displays a daily commitment to our Core Values – Character, Community, Stewardship & Leadership, is caring, kind, loyal, hard-working, supportive, and a role model to all.

Above all, she has no trouble being the truest, most genuine version of herself. Her spectacular attitude and the kindness that she demonstrates toward others make her an extraordinary individual.

For all these reasons…felt by so many within our community, we are extremely proud to dedicate the 2023 Spirit to #20964 Amanda Perry.

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