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Camp Kiniya Summer 2020 Program Kickoff

Welcome to Summer 2020!

We miss you and are ready to kick our community engagement into high gear. We are so excited to be able to offer you a taste of Kiniya throughout the next 6 weeks.

Hear it first hand from Marnie, Kat, and Mollie!

Starting on Monday, we will share a new webpage built just for you! It will include videos, projects, and missions to help bring the spirit of Kiniya to your lives this summer. Just like a typical summer, our program will be centered around program pillars – arts, athletics, outdoors, and spirituality. Each week we will provide content for each pillar and you can choose how to engage!

Here are some resources to get you ready for Summer 2020:

This is a list of things that you may use during our time together this summer. You might need to get creative!

See how many days you can get a ‘bingo’ using this checklist. If you get bored, you can also use this to help spark ideas!

This is a great opportunity to start journaling. Mollie shares some tips to create your own. You might start by setting some goals for the summer!

Want to learn more about a summer at Kiniya? Need a refresher? The Kiniya Lingo is a great place to start.

Pro Tips:

      1. Once we share the link with you, bookmark the Camper Corner page. It will be updated every Monday morning.
      2. Set a reminder on your phone to check new content each week.
      3. Follow our social media accounts for more ways to engage.
      4. Pace yourself! You’ll have access to all of the content on Monday, try and spread it out over the course of the week!

What’s Next?
On Monday morning, you’ll get our Week 1 email. This will highlight activities in each of our program pillars along with a few other fun activities that you can do during the week.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Kat Nelson #20595
Leadership Development Director


P.S. If you are a family who has a camper at both camps this summer then you should be receiving an email from Dudley as well. If you haven’t received the Dudley email then please contact us at info@campdudley.org.

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