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5K Training Plan

Sunday, August 9th – All Camp 5k!

Hello 2020 Camp Community! We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, August 9th for an All-Camp 5k. Kiniya Alum Kate McCormick has put together beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans for training. We’ve got 6 weeks to prepare. You can walk, jog, or run! We hope to see you out there!

A message from Kate…

I’m excited to be joining you remotely for this awesome running challenge! I’m Kate McCormick, #20171. I attended camp from 2006-2012, and spent a lot of my camp mornings doing loops around Kiniya’s campus and down Camp Kiniya and Clay Point Roads. During the school year, I would sometimes imagine I was back running at camp when I got bored with my usual running routes. It’s so true that camp is more than a place, and I think this running challenge is an excellent way to Uplift the Spirit and to bring a piece of camp with you on your runs. So challenge yourself and push yourself as you get accustomed to the training! Some days you’re going to want to stop short, some days you’ll feel amazing, and some days it will be a combination of the two. Consider this commitment to running similar to that of camp- a safe place to try something new and see what you can do! You are not alone in taking on this challenge. I love the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” and that is true for training. Support yourself and others in finding the joy in being outside and on the move. Maybe imagine that you’re running with your cabin across campus or around the track at Dudley.

The first two weeks will probably feel the hardest, as you establish a routine and adjust to sore legs. If you are feeling like the soreness might be a problem, you can check with me and I can see what the cause might be and adjust your training from there. If you feel like you are not challenged enough by your training plan, I can help you adjust. Make sure on your “Rest Days” that you are still moving around and going for walks, to keep your legs from getting stale.

Email with questions or updates on your progress! kcmccormick8@gmail.com

Good luck! I’m excited to connect with you all and join you in this 6 week challenge!!





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