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The Story of Whim Golf: A Dudley friendship leads into business partnership

The story of Whim Golf finds its origins on the base of Mt. Marcy; founders #18457 Colin Heaberg and #18835 Will Gisel were together on a Senior hike, quickly bonding over the disposable cameras they both brought as well as a mutual obsession for NFL football. The friendship would build over the summer as the duo discovered further aligned interests including music taste and a shared curiosity. But it was at Brodie in the silk-screening course that Whim Golf finally began to take shape. By the end of summer Will and Colin had partnered up to create a collection of t-shirts, crewnecks, and socks.  Flash forward 14 years and the duo is still working, co-founding a multi-disciplinary creative agency called Whim. They tell their stories through clothing under their clothing label Whim Golf. In the summer of 2019, Whim Golf opened to retail pop-up locations in downtown Chicago and the Lower East Side of Manhattan, focusing on presenting the game of golf in an approachable way and showcasing two clothing collections. Whim Golf seeks to highlight the beauty of golf, attracting the next generation of players through an inviting design approach that makes people feel like they are included in the sport. All clothing is made in the USA featuring cut and sew jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, and hats that highlight under-appreciated elements of the game. Whim Golf designs clothes, experiences, and art that invite a new audience into the game while honoring its heritage.

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