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The First Lifetime Service Award

Whitney Phelps #22898, Chair of the Board of Trustees, used the Low Camp Number Gathering at CDA Reunion to announce a new tribute that will be made by the Trustees from time to time. The Lifetime Service Award was created to honor individuals who have selflessly given of their personal time, talent and treasures throughout their lives for the betterment of our Camps.

The first Lifetime Service Award was given to #8804 John and #18204 Martha Storey “because of their constant, steady, and faithful presence in the Dudley and Kiniya communities. Their passion, unconditional commitment, and enduring dedicated support have been both a sustaining and a transformational force for Dudley and Kiniya. Over the course of half a century, John and Martha have shared with thousands in our community their seemingly endless supply of talents.”

Whitney cited contributions that include:

  • Writing, editing and publishing countless editions of the CD News When the publication would have otherwise slowed down, they dove in and led the production for many years—uniting and invigorating our alumni base and teaching others their craft.
  • Serving as the resident Board historians and providing past Board Chair, #10643 Matt Quigley, with Dudley history and trivia to be read at the start of Board meetings.
  • Hosting countless Open Houses in Williamstown, MA, and recruiting hundreds of Dudley and Kiniya campers from their hometown.
  • Creating and hosting the Low Camp Number Events in Westport at CDA Reunion and in Florida.
  • Actively engaging the community during the critically important Dudley Family Campaign. It is that campaign that provided the funding and finances for Dudley and Kiniya to join forces.
  • Parenting three fabulous children who are equally dedicated to our Camps.

Serving Camp since his first summer in 1955, John was an Aide, JL and Leader before meeting Martha. He led a German Exchange trip to Camp Abbensen in 1963. Once Martha became part of their “service team,” John worked as the president of the Camp Dudley Association and served the Board of Trustees for three terms. John became Board Chair in 1987 and 1988 and was selected as the CDA Person of the Year in 2000. Said Whitney, “John and Martha have been immensely helpful behind the scenes on more fronts and in more ways than could ever be counted. They have always taken advantage of saying ‘yes’ to Camp.”

Whitney presented John and Martha with a specially designed, engraved plaque that was built from Kiniya pine and Dudley cedar as a tribute to their work at both Camps.  They will be honored in Westport and Colchester and this award will be known in perpetuity as the John and Martha Storey Lifetime Service Award.

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