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Come Work at Camp Kiniya!

Welcome to the shores of Lake Champlain! We have many wonderful staff positions that bring joy and fun, highlight and build on your experience and offer opportunities for growth and development. Although we certainly look for specific skills, our preseason training is strong, and we are excited to welcome folks that simply love working with young people.

We are a Camp rich in history yet fresh with energy each new summer. We have a unique focus on building our culture through leadership and diversity. Camp Kiniya began its uniqueness in 1919 when it was first founded by a woman named Helen Van Buren.

We carry on Helen’s original traditions and return to Champlain shores each summer to explore the outdoors, stretch our skills in the water, play within a robust arts program and challenge ourselves through a variety of sports. Check out all we do to support our 9-14 year old Campers, and reach out if you’re interested in joining our team!

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Our Kiniya Outdoor Barn (KOB) is the home-base for our teams that look to engage folks in the Outdoors. Every year we have a crew of devoted individuals to support our campers, leaders and staff through the use of our incredible outdoor facilities and adventures. 

Joining this team, you’ll help guide and prepare our campers for overnights in the woods…whether on hiking, climbing or canoeing trips. Our challenge course, team building and adventure activities are where you’ll facilitate cabins and teams to develop connections. You may also work with our garden crew as we learn to plant, care for and cook with the items we grow. Although we look for folks more specifically trained in areas of the Outdoors, each day is a new adventure at the KOB.

Skills we look for:
ACCT Level 1 or 2 certifications; Adventure Facilitation Experience, AMGA certification; Backpacking Experience; Map and compass skills; Knowledge of cooking in the outdoors; Gardening & cooking skills.


With long docks that reach far out into Lake Champlain, our waterfront is always a popular place! We have two beaches and _ miles of shoreline to play with and host a variety of activities.

On this team you may teach campers how to swim, paddle (SUP and kayaks), sail and waterski. With the occasional yoga on the docks, or fun competitive games, there is room to be creative and find what each Camper is interested in exploring. Safety is always paramount, and we have tested and useful procedures you’ll learn about in our pre-season training, but finding the fun never comes too hard.

Skills we look for:
Lifeguard certification; Experience teaching others to swim; Kayaking skills and teaching abilities; Stand Up Paddleboard Skills and teaching abilities; Sailing skills and teaching experience; Canoeing skills and teaching experience.


What don’t we have in our Arts department?! There are so many opportunities to teach and support Campers in this program. We also welcome individual interests and creative skills that consistently allow us to offer new learnings each summer. Bring your uniqueness!

From pottery and weaving, to theater, production, dance, and music. In a single minute, you might look around Camp and see a guitar lesson, a hip hop dance class, play practice and jewelry making at the same time. There is never a dull moment in our Arts department, and with a brand new theater built in 2018 named Mimi’s Lodge, many Campers love visiting the Arts during times of free choice.

Skills we look for:
Experience in theater and play production; Light and soundboard knowledge; Knowledge of music and musical instruments and teaching techniques; Dance (of all kinds) experience and teaching capabilities; Pottery experience and teaching; Experience with a variety of mediums and art interests.


Our Athletic Department is a place where teams form and competition is loved. The options for Campers and Staff to play, compete or try new sports are aplenty. 


Joining this team each summer involves lots of variety. At Camp Kiniya we offer Archery, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Basketball, Softball, Golf, Pickleball … and at times large competitions happen that have our whole Camp playing together. Our Athletic team or “AHut” have many hats to wear and find the balance of supporting our Campers towards developing current skills, yet also trying sports that are new for them.

Skills we look for:
Experience referee-ing and/or playing any or all of the following sports…Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Softball, Golf, Lacrosse, Pickleball. Experience organizing teams and monitoring large groups of young people.

Additional Questions?

Camp Kiniya job questions? Contact Marnie McDonagh, Director.

e: marnie@campdudley.org

Application questions? Contact Anita Johnson, Registrar.

e: anita@campdudley.org

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