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The Other Fellow First E-News


We know Camp means a lot to so many of you and we are humbled and blown away by the continued outpouring of support! THANK YOU! As we approach the end of 2020, you can help Camp release all of a generous $600,000 matching fund to ensure we finish the year strong and begin 2021 without incurring additional debt. Every gift to Camp’s Annual Fund between now and 12/31/20 will BE DOUBLED until the fund is exhausted! Read more about why your donation is so important here. Please make your gift today!

In Search of the Light

In December, we start to watch for signs that the lake might freeze completely over, or that the snow will lay deep for skiing and snowshoeing at Camp. We listen to the water’s quiet, interrupted only occasionally by a few hearty geese. Snow adorns the hemlocks of Dudley’s Stacy Brook and the eastern cedars of Kiniya’s upper fields. When the sun shines and flurries fly, the air is all a-sparkle. The beauty is magical, if often stark. There is a palpable peace.


#25185 Brayden Harrington got the chance to experience the incredible power of a Dudley Connection this past summer after speaking at the Democratic National Convention. Brayden, who has a speech stutter, was put in touch with the Executive Director of SAY.org via a Dudley trustee “who knew a Dudley guy who knew a guy.”  SAY.org has given Brayden two primary resources. An outlet for managing his stutter and a platform to help other young people gain confidence and make connections with other kids who stutter. Brayden will be entering his Junior Summer at Camp Dudley in 2021 and will be bringing his little brother #25827 Camden along for his Cub Summer!

Photo below: Brayden shooting hoops with Director, Matt Storey


We’ve heard awesome stories from the Camp Family about how they are keeping in touch with their Camp friends during these times of social distancing and stay at home orders. Recently, Matt heard from a mom of a 2019 Cub who lives in upstate New York who has a standing zoom call with a cabin mate from California each Monday. They took it upon themselves to set up the call and it has been consistent all year. Other parents report being able to hear their son laugh and joke with his Aide buddies on zoom down the hall. “I don’t know what they are talking about, but I am so happy he has his Dudley friends to connect with.” We’ve also heard reports of gaming with camp friends, an online round of cards with cabin mates, and we know that those who have traveled abroad in recent years continue to have a standing FaceTime call. We are all fortunate to have our camp friends – so let’s all continue to find ways to stay in touch.






Thank you, Camp Dudley!

Can you believe it? My boy is in college! You guys first got him when he was 10 and now he’s 18! I remember dropping him off at Camp Dudley eight years ago, absolutely loving the camp grounds and how friendly and welcoming you all were! READ MORE …

Thank you Camp Kiniya!

Thank you so much for a fantastic camp summer for my girls! We finally got Madeleine there! She had the best summer, made tons of friends, and the first thing she told me that she can’t wait for next year … READ MORE
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