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#20425 Megan Sudduth Chapel Talk

Good morning, Kiniya!

Do you have something that you are passionate about? Perhaps it’s a sport? A musical instrument? A hobby? Are you constantly thinking of ways that you can make this passion even more exciting? Whenever you start talking to someone else about this passion is there an electric tingle that runs through you and makes you so happy you cannot control the smile on your face? But then you see their reaction and they aren’t as excited as you are? This situation happened to me in an anatomy lab while I was holding a cat kidney and talking to my lab group about all of the exciting and miraculous bodily functions the organ does. I was experiencing my moment of pure happiness about my passion for science, and in that moment, kidneys. When I finally came up for air after my moment’s rant, I saw the expression on my groups’ faces. Two thoughts ran through my mind, either they thought I was crazy, or I would make a great study guide for them for the upcoming exam. I had this feeling of sudden embarrassment because they weren’t on the same excitement level as I was. Had I embarrassed myself? Was I too excited? The answer is of course not!

Over the years I have learned that this passion of loving science is really hard to have and talk to people about. I get too invested in a conversation and before I know it the person, I am talking to eyes glaze over and is no longer interested in our conversation. But here I am, tingling with excitement!

It’s hard having this much excitement about something that may not relate to everyone. I will be the first to tell you that I may have ruined a few appetites at dinner parties by sharing some fascinating digestive facts or shared with friends what I did in the lab that day. But that doesn’t stop me. Quite frankly, other people’s opinion about your passion should not stop you either.

It is no secret that science is what I am passionate about. The constant discovery and the immense space for curiosity keeps me ever interested. For me, when I learn about how something works in my everyday life, like how my kidneys work to filter blood to get rid of waste or how species adapt and evolve, a spark is generated inside me to make me want to learn more and share these discoveries with others. After spending four years in college, I had an “Ah-ha” moment, I could take my passion for science and turn it into a career in education. My high energy for science has led me to become a teacher. I hope I will be able to pass that same enthusiasm one day to my future students.

At camp, we have created an environment that welcomes all passions. It has taken me a few years to appreciate my own enthusiasm about science. Even though it seems like a no brainer to love what you do, it can be hard to love your passion when you hear what others have to say. But that all changes when we arrive at camp.

While being at Camp enables us to learn from each other and to try new things.; this summer we are afforded the ability to take time to learn from ourselves, family members, and friends that we haven’t spent time with over the summer. I encourage all of you to spend this summer learning a new passion, activity, or talent to share with the Kiniya community during Summer 2021. Just think of all the new and exciting stories, tingling moments, and laughs we will be able to share!-it will make our reunion that much bigger!

If you find that this passion is harder than you anticipated just reflect on this quote once said by John C. Maxwell, “The dreams and passions stored within our hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.” I cannot wait to watch what potential you may unlock!

Thank you!







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