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Music of Dudley: at-home sessions #2

#24814 Kirsten Anastasio: When arriving at Dudley in 2017, my first summer, there were many things I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect (or pack for) the shadeless summer heat on the lakefront or the evening Adirondack breeze. I didn’t expect the impressive 8am Beckman energy, the endless activities and fun to be photographed…I could go on.

I also didn’t expect to find music. I played this song at my first Mellowfest, also one of the first times I’ve performed anything onstage. My job on Pubs serves me well as I’m not, nor ever have been, too keen on public speaking, acting on stage, playing music publicly, or the like. Yet, I have done all of these things at camp. In fact, it seems like this, in the best of ways, is quite the Dudley norm.

For me, this song easily conjures up memories of move-in day, council rings, Wednesday
Night Shows, and all that is unique about camp life. Now during this collectively trying time, it reminds me of the many communities like Dudley that have met hardship with compassion. It reminds me how fortunate I am to be of the Dudley community and to know such incredible people. And of course, as the song goes, it is a reminder to look to tender memories—of music, laughter, “good times”— when in search of optimism, or rather to look back at summers past and those surely to come. I hope you enjoy it!

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