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Music of Dudley: at-home sessions #1

#15385 Peter Maiurano: Dudley was always a place of music for me. Not only was I a member of the ramblers from the time I was a Plebe when I arrived at camp in 91’, but Dudley was my inspiration to learn to play guitar. So many of my Leaders and friends at camp were gifted musicians and it made me want to learn to play music. This particular song is one I have played at countless council rings. Most recently, I was honored to perform last year’s final council ring and played this one for all of our friends we wished were at camp with us. Unfortunately, that will be all of us this summer so I felt this one was perfect. Thank you to the Publications Dept. for asking me to do this and making me a part of the team over the past summers! Truly an honor. I hope you enjoy!

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