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Back to Basics

Dudley and Kiniya aim to foster growth and important skill development—seen and unseen; personal and communal. Generations of our campers learn and practice these basic, essential skills and take them away from Camp, building them into their daily lives and routines at home. The simple but powerful experience of Cabin Life means learning respect for others, appreciating personal space, understanding diversity of thoughts and actions, and discovering what it means to truly care for others.

Over the past month, it has become apparent to us that these skills are more vital now than ever. For those of us who have been so fortunate to spend time in a cabin at Dudley or Kiniya, during these challenging times we can call on these simple skills and be reminded of the relevant lessons we learned on the shores of Lake Champlain. In doing so, we can increase our sense of Control – in our personal lives, our homes (anyone doing daily inspection?), our office space, our hygiene, our structure, and our schedule. We can remember the importance of Connection – to self, to others, to community, to nature. And we can boost our Confidence – by learning new things, mastering skills, and stepping way outside of our comfort zones!

We are thinking of you all.

10 Timeless Camp Lessons that are vital TODAY!

1. Stewardship

We have Inspection every day. Making our bed, staying organized, and taking care of our belongings and surroundings is essential when sharing space with others.

2. Personal Care

Washing our hands frequently and well, staying hydrated, and cleaning our clothes to remain healthy, and to keep those around us healthy, is a foundation of communal living and Camp life.

3. Shared Meals

Preparing and sharing a meal with others—setting the table, serving food to others, and cleaning up afterward—is at the heart of our Camp experience. We learn the value of regular meals, shared with others, without the distractions.

4. Exercise

Both our physical and mental wellness benefits from activity and movement. Whether on the sports fields, in the lake, or on a mountain, we’re active each and every day at Camp!

5. Time in Nature

At Camp, every day brings us in contact with the natural world. While we also seek more immersive experiences in hikes, canoe trips, and climbing trips, even the simple experience of sitting by the lake is powerful and restorative.

6. Flexibility

Things rarely turn out as originally planned—whether it’s an unexpected thunderstorm, a piece of broken equipment, or a forgotten line on stage. Rolling with these challenges can be the most impactful experience of all.

7. Spirituality

Self-reflection—dedicating time to think about experiences we’ve gone through and how they’ve made us feel—is essential to personal growth. As a group, our Chapel Talks, Vespers, and Hymn Sings develop a sense of peace, purpose, and belonging.

8. Fun

During Free Choice Time, we learn to create and organize our own games and explore life on our own terms, either by ourselves or with our peers.

9. Rest

The importance of sleep in the summer can’t be overstated. That’s why we go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, and we take time every afternoon for a well deserved Rest Period.

10. Adventure

The classroom is not the only place where we learn new things. How about the climbing tower or on that hike? Learning new skills increases confidence.

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