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Revisiting Traditions – CD News 2020

Camp Kiniya

With over 100 summers under our belt, Kiniya continues to honor traditions that have been created through the decades making each year memorable and extraordinary. Connecting with our rich history and carrying our experiences from one summer to the next is what makes Camp so timeless.

While the program has adapted and changed over time to meet the needs of each generation of girls, the feeling of community and support instantly brings people back to their time on campus. Any alum can return to Kiniya and reminisce over views of Lake Champlain and girls sitting ‘neath the pines. Throughout the day you’ll see campers out on the water, preparing for the next Saturday Night Show, or competing right on main campus in a heated tennis match! We all know, however, that it’s in the dining hall where Camp truly comes alive as it always has. Our delicious meals are always followed by shouts of Camp songs at the top of our lungs. Our Kiwis are recognized for their four summers of commitment with a celebratory evening each session, and, most importantly, we always find time for reflection and thoughtful discussion at the end of each day. Some of the most special moments of a Kiniya summer are and will continue to be ever present.

Summer 2020 will be full of these traditions and more. As we begin a new decade, perhaps a new tradition will spark!

Camp Dudley

One of the most extraordinary aspects of summer at Dudley is that if a camper from any decade of the 20th century were to step back on campus, they would know exactly where they were and would recognize many of the day-to-day activities that our boys still enjoy. It’s that timelessness that makes camp life unique and, in many ways, connects us more deeply to this place. An afternoon dip at Swim Point still refreshes with the bracing waters of Lake Champlain, Sunday evening still rings with the raucous start of Hymn Sing and then lulls us to a sense of quiet and peace as we sing “Now the Day is Over.” The July 4th parade, with local fire departments and Camp’s concert band, is as festive and patriotic as ever. The crack of the bat (even if it is aluminum) still sounds out over baseball games on main campus, and Witherbee Hall still showcases moving and funny performances on Saturday night. Boys hit the hay each night after a thoughtful vesper helps draw each day to a close. In the summer of 2020, all these traditions and more will repeat themselves as they have for decades, allowing Dudley to always “live in the hearts of men.”

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