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Year-Round Team Welcomes Three New Members!

#25330 Jamie Johnson

#25330 Jamie (James) grew up in Crown Point, New York, spending a lot of time outside hiking, camping, and canoeing in the Scouting tradition. He spent his college years in the Bronx, where he could volunteer for God’s Love We Deliver and work to develop after-school Cub Scout Programs in inner-city schools. 

Jamie graduated from Fordham University in 1997 with a degree in history, at which time returned to the North Country. He soon began a 22-year career with Mountain Lake Services, serving in various roles and finally as the Director of Staff Education & Development. 

Jamie’s wife #22830 Anita joined the Dudley family in 2012, and soon after, his sons #23830 Christopher and #25430 Jack, would become campers as well. Impressed with the Dudley tradition, Jamie participated in work weekends and, in 2018, began volunteering at the Rifle Range. He admired the culture, history, and dedication of the Dudley family. 

When the opportunity to join the team arose in 2021, he was excited to take on a new career challenge and looks forward to leading the Maintenance Team and Compliance efforts at Camp Dudley.

#25223 Liz Moore

#25223 Liz joins the Kiniya year-round team excited for the good work of empowering our young women as they grow into resilient, aware, and thoughtful individuals. As an extensive traveler and a perpetual student, Liz understands the power of inviting curiosity into our experiences. Liz’s education in anthropology and cultural geography, training in experiential education and body-based therapies, and love for culture and our natural world, all give her a unique approach to the art of human growth and development. She is ready to bring her joys, expertise, and ideas to the Kiniya community.

Liz was first introduced to Camp in 2014 to train the Dudley and Kiniya summer challenge course facilitators. Since 2018 she has been involved more extensively, training leaders and staff in specific leadership skills during pre-season. She has also worked alongside the Dudley Hike Hut team to support the rock climbing, ropes, and facilitation program. Liz says it was during this time she saw firsthand the incredible love and devotion of the folks who work at Dudley and Kiniya. “It’s truly remarkable how much good energy is devoted to the growth of the youth who are lucky enough to walk through Camp’s doors,” she says.

Liz is an avid rock climber, paddleboarder, hiker, and gardener. She loves the change of seasons, cloud formations, and science fiction and psychology books and podcasts. Having lived and worked all along the east coast and abroad, Liz now splits her time between Baltimore and Burlington. The former is where she thrives as ‘the outdoor-adventure-aunt’ to three nieces and a nephew she can’t wait to welcome into our camp community.

#14158 Will Long

#14158 Will “Wilbur” Long joins our year-round facilities team this spring. 

Wilbur attended Dudley all four years as a camper from 1986-1989, where his love of Camp and the Adirondack Park was born. He returned in 1991 as a JL, rising to Cub D-Head in 1997. At the same time, he began his teaching career which conveniently left summer months available to return to Camp. In 1999, Wilbur served as Assistant Program Director with Matt Storey. Wilbur’s staff journey later led him to run the Arts Department, and he then became Camp photographer and videographer. 

Will worked in several different schools in the off seasons, most recently teaching middle school math. Concurrently, Will’s work with the Sustainability Committee at Greenwich Country Day School led him to discover a previously undiscovered passion for design/build with a focus on energy efficiency. 

Will now holds certifications in Net Zero Design/Build and Building Science Principles. He is a Passive House Tradesperson and loves working with his hands. The opportunity to work at Camp to combine all these skills presents a new and exciting chapter. 

Wilbur hopes to combine his institutional knowledge, years of working with young people, and passion for design, building and learning to this new opportunity. The proximity to hiking, skiing, golf, and Lake Champlain are also huge bonuses. Wilbur, his wife Lauren, and dog Charley live in Elizabethtown, NY. 

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